Geller was right

Free speech is under attack and we need to push back before we lose it.

2015_05 06 Muslim cleric fatwa Geller

2015_05 03 Let your hearts Alahu akbar

The gunmen who attacked Geller’s event, reports said, drove over 1,000 miles to do so. Worse yet, the media has blamed Geller for being attacked. Hannity made that the subject of his “question of the day,” which he posted on Facebook. Nobody supported the media.

One commenter posted, “What if a couple devout Muslims shot up a Gay Pride Parade because they found it ‘offensive to Islam’. Does anybody really think the left would be condemning the Gay community for provoking Islam for flaunting Homosexuality by having a parade? ‘Situational Hypocrisy’, thy name is liberal.”

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3 responses to “Geller was right

  1. barnslayer

    “Qui tacet consentit” roughly… silence is consent.

    Speak up now or risk losing it all.

    Happy V-E Day!!!