Michelle Obama: Imposing her personal pathology on the nation

“Mrs. Obama uses her private feelings as evidence of a certain public reality: Because she feels discriminated against, she is in fact being discriminated against. … Just as the elevation of public reason over private feeling always threatens to bury the individual, so the elevation of private experience above disputation threatens to impose upon the community the pathologies of an individual, or group.” – Ian Tuttle

Microaggressions by Terrell

I am reminded of a discussion I had once with an aggrieved teen-ager who announced to me that everybody at school hated her. (For the record, this girl was not one of my daughters.)

I asked her for the specific reason she had come to this conclusion. It turned out that one person had said something mean to her in school that day.

Now, I don’t know if this one person had actually been mean to her. I’ve had many occasions to talk through hurt feelings I’ve experienced or caused, only to find that nothing bad was intended at all.

But even if the other person had been mean on purpose, it did not follow that “everybody at school” felt the same way.

Nor does it follow that Michelle Obama’s personal pathology is proof that we live in AmeriKKKa.  You gotta wonder if she’s NOTICED that she’s the wife of the President?!  Sheesh.



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2 responses to “Michelle Obama: Imposing her personal pathology on the nation

  1. Some people just aren’t happy unless they have something to whine and complain about.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Yup. That’s exactly it. My suspicion is that it’s the result of deep inner angst that is so painful, the only way to cope is to direct the blame outward. That and also hate makes adrenaline which feels good and can be addictive.

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