Kylie Jenner’s cause du jour is CHEMtrails.

2015_05 25 Kylie Jenner and chemtrails

Kylie Jenner and her 9 million Twitter followers are morons.

CHEMtrails vs CONtrails



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2 responses to “Chemtrails?

  1. For me, the absolute most vexing thing about this is that this sort of derangement is distracting from real things like Solar Radiation Management, which is one form of geoengineering. Even if not malicious in intent, it may still be unwise. For some info:

    You’ll note that alot of this is premised on the Global Warming Belief, and works in well with Agenda 21. None of these sources say that they are curerntly spraying, only discuss the issues around if they were to.


  2. If a person wants to have good evidence that the line’s they’re taking pictures of are less likely to be contrails (because planes don’t always leave them, right? We see that a lot, too) and are maybe planes spraying something, they need to clearly document the location, date and time of the image, and then do the following:

    Go to

    This is the Earth Wind Map. It’s very easy to turn the globe and zoom in to whatever location you want. So zoom into the region of the images taken.

    Then, at the bottom left, where it says “eath”, click that– it opens the menu to all the lovely little things you can layer on like: Humidity (That would be the RH Overlay), and you can even select how high in the atmosphere to look, or to look on the surface. The Scale shows the intensity of the layer chosen.

    If at the location and time of the pics the humidity is on the bluer side of the scale, then the pics are no good. There’s no way to tell them from contrails. If, however, the air at all flight levels is dry, then maybe they have something. . .

    In the meantime, have fun with the map. . . and check out the RH, TPW, and TCW over TX and OK . . .