Elitist attack on middle class candidate backfires

Rubio’s “team did something unorthodox: They decided not to directly refute charges that the freshman senator is a reckless spender, has drowned in debt, and has engaged in questionable financial practices. Rubio spokesman Alex Conant suggested that they’re not even a liability but rather an asset, because the senator’s financial struggles, which he’s spoken about often on the campaign trail, make him a more relatable candidate. The attacks, they say, even make Rubio look like a victim of snot-nosed elites.”

2015_06 Rubio strikes back

Leftard journos had a tough time justifying the stupid NYT’s articles. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes took to Twitter on Tuesday to say he’s “starting to think Rubio has some plant in the NYT and these supposed ‘hit jobs’ on him are false flags intended to make him look sympathetic.’”


Rubio's house vs Hillary's house


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  1. Yeah, and the Rubio house has six Rubios living in it, while the Clinton house has one Clinton living in it.

    Does that seem right to you?

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