Saying no to hatred

The shooter said he opened fire on a prayer meeting where he had been welcomed, because he hoped it would spark a race war in this country. The members of the community said no to the hatred.

2015_06 19 Mourning in Charleston

2015_06 14 Light shines by Kim



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5 responses to “Saying no to hatred

  1. I love that Charleston is coming together as a united community in the aftermath of this horrific event.

    I love that “Je suis Americaine” or linguistic variations thereof were seen around the world post-9/11.

    The problem is, it doesn’t last. It can’t. It’s an anomaly. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cherish these two microseconds we’re able to put aside our differences for a common greater good, but what’s the over/under on the next “Kill Whitey” sign? Put me in for two weeks.

    I can’t keep getting suckered into this Kumbayah misdirection when none of the underlying root causes have changed. It’s just too dispiriting.

    BTW I don’t remember any Grand American Unity when the batshit crazy Muslim killed 13 (yes, 13 is more than 9) and wounded 30+ at Ft. Hood. This selective guilt is also dispiriting.


  2. I love this. You know what would have been even better? Barack showing up and being photographed with the mixed crowd, in UNITY, and saying nothing political whatsoever. And then leaving without playing golf. That would have been better. But that didn’t happen.


  3. Ting

    I’ve been in the Catskills for a wonderful family celebration for several days. I was mercifully out of contact with the rest of the world. When I left I was hopeful, and actually optimistic, that this would be the reaction in Charleston. This is the Charleston that I know.

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