PoliNation Update: Chrissy Not Quite Out of the Woods Yet

The master of Casa de Hyphen checked in yesterday and today to update us on Chrissy’s condition and pass along a message from her.  She’s still too weak to write, but she’s been making progress off and on over the last week or so.  Yesterday was a bit of a brief setback, but today was better.  As we menfolk talked about an hour ago, Chrissy was apparently sleeping peacefully.

However, there’s still a fair amount of pain and difficulty, and yesterday, Chrissy specifically asked her husband to call and ask us for additional prayers.  She also thanked us for the many prayers on her behalf lately, and she emphasized that they’ve been a great comfort to her.

I’ve been mostly praying privately, but today, Gruntessa was able to go to adoration at our parish in Foxfield, Colorado (snapshot below) and say a rosary before the Blessed Sacrament for Chrissy.  We’ve not forgotten you, Dear!  Be well and be at peace, Chrissy.



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4 responses to “PoliNation Update: Chrissy Not Quite Out of the Woods Yet

  1. Pistol Pete

    What a glorious day it will be when God heals Chrissy’s body and she’s back to fellowship with us.


  2. Get well soon Chrissy. We miss you. ❤


  3. Leon & Sandie Williams

    Prayers each and every day Chrissy, God Bless