On the Water with Ting and the Captain

A few weekends ago, Pentecost weekend to be precise, Gruntessa and I had the pleasure of meeting up with PoliNation blogger Ting and her husband on their beautiful sailboat at a secret marina somewhere on the mid-Atlantic coast for a little R&R.


By early May, everyone was ready to enjoy a sunny day on the water.  This part of the Atlantic coast has seen more than its share of rain and cool temperatures this spring.  Climate change still has a long way to go, apparently, in these parts.  A Saturday with a forecast of 80 degrees and clear skies was something we just couldn’t pass up.


Thanks, Ting and Captain!  After an insanely difficult work quarter and a crazy run-up to the 2016 Presidential Conventions, it was wonderful to make way under wind power for an afternoon and enjoy some real freedom while catching up on families and solving the world’s political problems.  Bon voyage!



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3 responses to “On the Water with Ting and the Captain

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  2. Ting

    Anybody that makes me look like Heidi Klum must come and sail again one day! It was so much fun. The Cap’n is actually more handsome than Warren Beatty, by the way.

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    • You’re right! Warren Beatty was a step down for the Captain. But so is Heidi Klum for you, and I almost couldn’t use her image, because you look so similar. At first I tried photoshopping your Raybans onto Heidi’s face and it didn’t work because there was almost no difference in the images, so I had to keep her eyes clear to make it more obvious.

      Thanks again, Ting. It was an honor to share your first cruise of the year. The way it’s been raining there, I doubt you’ll get another chance soon, unfortunately.

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