Navy to build USS Thanks Obama for deployment to every disaster

From The Duffel Blog.

WASHINGTON — The Navy announced today it would build and commission the USS Thanks Obama, a new frigate that will be used solely for rapid deployment to disasters around the world.

“We want to honor our president and thank him for all his hard work,” said Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. “While at the same time, fielding a ship that is more than capable of deploying to hotspots he has sternly tweeted about.”

The planned ship will be an updated design of the Littoral Combat Ship — which many view as one of the best ships in the Navy — though it will have integrated solar panels as its main power source. The USS Thanks Obama will also be put on the water long before it’s ready and will be billions over budget, in keeping with both Obama administration and Navy tradition.

The Thanks Obama will also have a more modern galley filled with vegan options, a gym that plays “Let’s Move” videos on repeat, and a medical facility with state-of-the-art waiting rooms.

Mabus also said it would be the first ship equipped with a magazine of six auxiliary captains onboard, for rapid firing and replacement.




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  1. Too funny, Bird! Hey, I think the problem with the image might be that WP doesn’t like PNG files, but I could be wrong.


  2. This is an entirely fresh screen shot, BTW. I hope I got the right image! Let me know if it’s not.


  3. Trump just endorsed Ryan, McCain and Ayotte.

    Welp, that is a downer.