Hillary blaming everyone else for Weiner’s “Cocktober Surprise”

From The Barbed Wire.

ON HER PLANE – Thinking she had smooth sailing into the White House next month, Hillary Clinton was blindsided by the dreaded “October surprise” that all politicians fear as an election draws closer. She might have thought she was in the clear, having made it to the final week of the month without any bad news coming to light.

But in steps Anthony Weiner, with his “Cocktober surprise,” and now all hell is breaking loose in the Clinton camp. Hillary thought she had all the bodies buried well and wouldn’t have to worry about one of them rising to the surface – at least not until after the election.

Her assistant, Huma Weiner Abedin, has been busted with having thousands of emails on Anthony’s laptop, some of which might contain incriminating information on Hillary. This isn’t Hillary’s fault, of course.

It’s James Comey’s fault, John Podesta’s fault, Huma’s fault, Weiner’s fault, Donald Trump’s fault. Anybody but hers. Poor Hillary thinks she’s getting the shaft again. Has anybody seen her victim card laying around?

No, Hillary brought this Cocktober surprise on herself and she should suffer the consequences from whatever the FBI finds. Just like they say, “When you lie down with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas.”


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3 responses to “Hillary blaming everyone else for Weiner’s “Cocktober Surprise”

  1. Ba

    I really like your blog. I also appreciate someone having unbiased, honest news articles. Thank you.


  2. jbob45

    Hill-Blather is the pin-up girl for the very reasons the US Congress in 1970 enacted the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). Gotta wonder why we went to the trouble to create this nifty legislation if we’re not going to use it – particularly when confronted by the likes of HRC.

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