R.I.P. Dewey Lewis

Dewey came to us at Christmas time and he has left us at Christmas time.  He died in my arms this morning at 1 a.m.  He’s waiting in his little bed for the vet to open, so we can call about cremation.

I really missed him when I made Daisey her breakfast this morning.  Daisey always goes quietly to her “wait for food” spot, then when I give her the “OK” command, she  goes quietly to her dish and eats in a tidy, feminine way.  Dewey … he was like a race horse waiting for the gate to open!  LOL  He waited for the command because he knew he had to, but as soon as I gave it, he raced to his dish and started scarfing down his food.

The real fun was while I was making up their gravy and kibble.  Dewey had this funny way of walking that I can only describe as “bustling.”  When I picked up their dishes, he would bustle to his “wait for food” spot, then as I mixed and stirred, he’d tippy toe into the kitchen again and again.

Each time he crossed the “You’re in the kitchen … AGAIN” line, I’d drop my spoon and give him The Look, point to his “wait for food” spot just outside the kitchen, wait until he skulked back over, plunked his sullen little butt down, and gave me his very best sarcastic glare.  Then I’d go back to mixing up their food.

Sometimes, if he was really sick of waiting for me to Get the Food on the Floor, I’d also get his sarcastic snort.  Then, I’d give him the hairy eyeball and tell him, “I heard that!”  He’d turn his eyes to the side and give an extra, really small, quiet snort, then I’d laugh and say, “I heard that too”, and he’d sigh.  He really had a lot of personality!

He was always trying to convince me that it was time for me to turn the Alpha reins over to him.  In your dreams, pal!  LOL  Breakfast was an excellent time to reinforce that I was The Boss Of Him.  Some days, his breakfast antics annoyed me, but … sigh … today, I really, really missed them.

We were so blessed to have him all these years.  And I’m very grateful that, although he was having more and more bad days from his heart murmur, he felt well enough yesterday to take one last walk.  Oh Lord … I’m gonna miss him.  I hope there really are dogs in Heaven and that we’ll be together again some day.



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4 responses to “R.I.P. Dewey Lewis

  1. FranklytheNut

    They leave such a giant hole in our hearts, don’t they? I’m so sorry, CTH! Sending you long-distance hugs and sympathy…


  2. Gone to fetch the stick that God has thrown. To wag his tail forever and hear the loving words, “Good dog. Good dog.”

    I am sorry your little furkid is gone, but his memories will live on.


  3. Christa

    I am so sorry. We all loved Dewey. ♡ May you find peace and comfort. **BIG HUGS**


  4. Ting

    So Sorry. I know you loved him.