4 Days Left

Yes, Barack.  Wave and smile!  We’re glad to see you go too!

H/t to Mindful Webworker who is letting us use his countdown graphics.


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4 responses to “4 Days Left

  1. Enjoying the pix you have for the countdown posts, cth!

    I see, as on Ace, someone here objected to the countdown number of days left.

    Reminds me of an argument, ‘way, ‘way back in the pre-Internet CompuServe days, an atheist regular (!) on Religion Forum objected that Jesus was inaccurate when he said he would rise on the third day, when it was really only the second.

    No matter how patiently folks explained it to him – First day: crucified, dead, and buried; Second day in the grave; And on the Third day rose again – the arguer remained unconvinced. Had to start with day Zero he insisted.

    Okay, then – Jesus couldn’t count, neither can we. 😀

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I had a similar argument with my doctor recently when he ordered a test that was supposed to start at “first morning.” I explained to him patiently that I do not sleep, therefore, I do not have a “first morning” anything. He sighed and said, “Just PICK a time.” Okay, that I can do.

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  2. jbob45

    4 days to go! I’m a-feelin’ a warm tingle runnin’ down mah leg! Bwaaahahahahahahaaa!!!

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  3. jbob45

    And he still never broke par. Loser.

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