When Democrats Do Foreign Policy

Remember when Obama sent Hillary to Russia to “reset” our relationship following President Meany Pants Bush’s terrible reign?

Remember when Obama mocked Romney for saying Russia was a serious foe?

Remember when the Democrats went all McCarthy hysterical about Trump talking with the Russkies?

Check out TIME’s cover.  UNbelievable.

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3 responses to “When Democrats Do Foreign Policy

  1. Someone pointed out over at Ace that the Time cover does not show the Kremlin, but St Basil’s.

    Also, that Mad did that cover first.

    Or, as another commenter said:
    The Russian Orthodox are coming! The Russian Orthodox are coming!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL That building is my favorite in all the world. I got to see it in person, only on the outside sadly since it was still under renovations in 1972 when I visited Moscow. I was just awed by how beautiful it is.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    I’ve seen some objecting to TIME’s use of a Christian church on their cover, but I found it ironic and amusing.

    TIME clearly meant it as an hysterical “Russians Own Trump” thing, while totally missing that the building was built as a church and, despite the attempt by the Soviets to turn it into a secular museum, is still used sometimes for Russian Orthodox services.

    I saw a video once about a Catholic seer who said way back in the 1980s that Donald Trump would one day become president and lead the U.S. back to God.

    IOW, TIME got it right in exactly the opposite way they meant to do. LOL

    Saint Basil’s is not part of the Kremlin complex, though it does face Red Square. If you’re standing in the square, facing the cathedral, the Kremlin complex and Lenin’s tomb are on the long, right hand side.

    We stayed at the Metropol which is nearby, out the end of Red Square opposite the cathedral and down the road a piece. The other gals on my tour took a walk one evening to see it. (Some Russian boys tried to pick us up! LOL)

    It happened to be Russian Orthodox Easter in the still very much atheistic, dictatorial Soviet Union, so we were stunned that what appeared to be an office building or something (maybe 10 or 12 stories tall) had the windows on the side facing Red Square lit up in a perfect cross!

    I have often wondered if whoever did that got into trouble with the authorities.