They Just Don’t Get It

The media continue to be befuddled by the loyalty of Trump supporters. Were they not safely cloistered in their ivory towers they might get a clue to the passion he instills. The fact is Trump supporters have nowhere else to turn. Consider the alternative: Nancy Pelosi, Schmuck Schumer, cutthroat sellouts like McCain, Collins, and Ryan. After suffering the stomach virus commonly referred to as the Obama presidency, Americans were sick of being mocked, downgraded, humiliated, and having a socialist agenda shoved down our throats that blamed us for all the ills in the world, we finally had our prayers answered. Someone who was not a typical mealy-mouthed politician who will pander to whatever crowd he’s addressing and beholden to corporate mega-donors.

CNN has been at the forefront of the daily assaults on a sitting president in a naked attempt to remove him at any cost. What they don’t understand is that they didn’t make him and they can’t break him. It is amusing that no matter how hard they try, the loyalty to this president from people of all backgrounds is unshakable.

Inside The Bubble? CNN Finds More Voters Who Stand By Trump
New Jersey isn’t necessarily Trump country, though Clifton’s median income hovers around $50,000, which is where the president’s support is among the strongest concerning income demographics. In the Midwest, they were quite blunt to CNN and the elites, saying how they forgot about them—the “deplorables” in the Midwest. The fact that Trump is president is good enough for many in that part of the country, noting it’s a sign their voice was heard after decades of benign neglect.

CNN Panel Of Trump Supporters Unbothered By Charlottesville Comments

“How many of you were troubled by the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville?” host Alisyn Camerota asked.
Not a single member of the panel raised their hand.
“None of you minded how President Trump responded?” Camerota followed up.
“No,” one panelist said.
A black woman on the panel aggressively shook her head no to Camerota’s question.


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4 responses to “They Just Don’t Get It

  1. Pistol Pete

    Rumors of Trump’s demise are, once again, greatly exaggerated

    1) Trump wins when he loses

    It may seem like all Americans are at least frustrated that President Trump often shoots himself in the foot with unnecessary comments and tweets. But this also exemplifies Trump’s fighting nature that so many voters clearly like. Many conservatives feel like they tried “nice” before with people like Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush, and GOP presidential nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney, but that still resulted in no real reduction in condemnation and bile from the left.

    For better or for worse, and to the repeated horror of the Bushes, McCains, and Romneys, Trump isn’t playing nice. And for every moderate or casual Trump-leaner he may lose by fighting, he could easily be gaining the more fervent support from his base.

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  2. Nan

    I admit, sometimes a cringe a little… but then I think – he’s not lying about these phony conservatives.

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  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I am totally fed up with the PR versions of our presidents … the hallowed Democrats and the demonized Republicans. At least The Donald’s tweets allow us to see the actual man in the Oval Office for a change. It is fitting that his Twitter handle is “real Donald Trump.”