A Peek Inside PN’s Garden Shed

Two of our founders, Bob and Frankly, have been playing SCRABBLE for years. They recently noticed a game had developed a theme and decided to try and play it out without straying from said theme. I think the result explains a lot about PoliNation. ::snerk::

2017_10 26 Lucy and Susan's insult SCRABBLE game

I used to be part of their games until my puter got too far behind the trailing edge of technology. I’ve got a new-old puter, Daddy Buzz’s previously owned laptop that he outfitted for on-line gaming. I’m hoping it’ll be more than up to the challenge of dumb ol’ Facebook SCRABBLE! Now if I could just muster enough Hyphenated brain cells to get it set up …

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  1. I started it when I played CRETIN, and then Frankly played FAKIR, which pretty much set the tone for the game. Very soon, instead of seeing who could make the highest-scoring word, we were competing to see who could make the worst insult. Frankly won on points, but I think in the cattiness competition it ended up in a draw.