In Case You Haven’t Noticed

President Trump has had a busy week. Last Monday he named his choice for the next Supreme Court Justice. The next day he headed for the NATO summit in Brussels, where he took command. Then he was off to England, where he met both PM Theresa May and Her Highness. Now he’s off to meet one-on-one with Putin. Obama spent most of his time golfing, vacationing on somebody else’s property, or giving away America’s treasure trying to buy good will from terrorists. Now the dems are trying to tell Trump what to do. He’s got this:

Media, Democrats Want Trump to Cancel Putin Meeting, or Include Others
The president has not set out publicly what his goals in the meeting would be, causing further consternation to journalists and the opposition — though he said last week at a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May that he would bring up Russia’s election meddling.
May backed up Trump, noting that he had responded strongly to Russia’s alleged nerve agent attack against against a former spy and his daughter in Britain earlier this year.


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