Singing from the Same Hymnal

We’ve seen this many times before. The hackneyed tactic the left uses when it can’t find anything to smear their enemies with. Pay a bunch of bimbos to come forward and level scurrilous accusations at a target until they surrender. Then they take the money and disappear. They did it to Herman Cain and Judge Roy Moore among others.
Now comes one of the most pathetic jokes (and there are many) in the legal “profession.”

Avenatti: I have three more clients who were paid hush money related to Trump
Is he holding back the mystery clients to enhance his appeal to Dems? “I have in my possession the doomsday device that will end Trump’s presidency.”
He’s also coy about the timing, insisting only that the women were paid before the 2016 election. How long before, though? A week before Election Day or five years before? The timing matters to the campaign-finance inquiry, since hush money paid before Trump began thinking about running for president would obviously be money wasn’t paid for the purpose of influencing an election. Can’t have an illegal unreported campaign contribution when there’s no campaign.

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