Seventeen Years and Counting

It seems like yesterday. We swore we’d never forget. Some of us have not. Others forgot far too soon, if they really cared that much at all. People who were toddlers or not even born yet are approaching voting age. I doubt very much if kids are being told the truth, if anything at all in the indoctrination centers that pass for schools nowadays. The history of how we became the greatest nation that ever existed is being perverted or ignored completely. No faith, no individualism, just the collective mantra that all things flow from government largesse and everything should be gotten easily and without sacrifice. The media disseminates their propaganda and children learn it from the constant exposure. Spreading the truth to an unwilling populace is a daunting task and one which in all likelihood will fail. But we have to continue trying to counter this national hysteria. We owe it to those who no longer have a voice.

Pistol Pete…Sept. 11,2018


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I can’t forget. 9/11 is the reason I became a military mom with nine deployments under my belt. Our three wonderful sons-in-law and eight beautiful grand kids are all a direct result of our girls’ decisions to enlist.

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