Thanks, But No Thanks

George W. Bush to fundraise for GOP candidates

Bush’s tour will begin Wednesday morning, when he holds a closed-door event in Fort Worth, Texas, for GOP Rep. Will Hurd, a second-term congressman who faces the hurdle of seeking reelection in a West Texas district that President Donald Trump lost in 2016.

Then, on Friday, Bush will travel to Florida to hold a pair of events for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who is in a pitched battle for a Senate seat. One of the fundraisers will benefit New Republican, a pro-Scott super PAC.

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One response to “Thanks, But No Thanks

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I hope he takes the high road and supports the current administration. I’m not holding my breath. It seems like the Bush ex-presidents treated their Democrat successors a whole lot better than Bush 41 treated Reagan or Bush 43 has been treating Trump. I didn’t understand this thing at all until I read Laura Ingraham’s book where she explains about the two factions in the Republican Party — the elitists (like the Bushes, McCain, the swamp dwellers) and the populists (like Reagan, Trump, and all of us “deplorables”).