Half a Bite

I’m really, really tired today, so here is my news round up for today: Manafort got sentenced for crimes unrelated to Trump and Democrats weenied out on condemning anti-Semitism.

2019_03 08 Omar not condemned

DEMOCRATS’ MEANINGLESS RESOLUTION: From Twitchy – If Omar was a Republican her name would be in the resolution, it would specifically and aggressively target anti-Semitic comments, and she would have lost her committee seats. Since she’s a Democrat they watered it down to address all hate speech and completely ignored the REASON they have to do this in the first place. It was so meaningless that Omar herself voted FOR IT, which means zero consequences for her behavior. And zero change in it.

2019_03 08 Ohr testimony

OHR TESTIMONY IS ON-LINE: Rep. Doug Collins just released the entire transcript of Department of Justice’s Bruce Ohr’s interview to the public.

2019_02 15 Nigerians MAGA

DEMOCRATS WORRY: William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection talks about recent court appointments and why their conservatism and youth are big concerns for leftists.

DEMOCRAT CORRUPTION: Follow the money, honey – The city of Newark, N.J. has agreed to pay $27 million over 30 years to rent property that it previously sold in 2017 for just $1, leading some to question why the city didn’t just hold on to the land in the first place.

CATHOLICISM “INAPPROPRIATE” IN UTAH: A fourth grade teacher in Utah forced a Catholic boy to wipe off his ashes on Wednesday. To the school’s credit, the school’s principal immediately called the boy’s family to apologize. The teacher has also apologized directly to the boy and is facing possible disciplinary action.

DONORS BEWARE: A homeless man and a woman from New Jersey pleaded guilty to two different charges in federal court on Wednesday for orchestrating a GoFundMe scam that conned unsuspecting donors out of $400,000.

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