Border Update

BORDER WALL: On Friday, President Trump traveled to Calexico, California, to see the first completed section of the new wall along the U.S.–Mexico border.

  • We are very grateful for this wall. Prior to this wall, the residents in this area were experiencing a high level of assaults and use of force incidents. Just in this 2 mile area, assaults have dropped by 65% and illegal entries have dropped by 75%. – Border Patrol chief
  • They’re not going over, because it’s too dangerous and the agents can see what’s going on. They’re going around, so the more we build, the less they’ll be able to do that. – Trump
  • We feel this impact 400 miles away. I want to thank this president for standing up for law enforcement in this country. – Central Valley sheriff
  • We’re fighting constantly to fight the drug trafficking and the human trafficking and sex traafficking that’s coming into this country. Barriers are absolutely essential. Anyone who says we don’t have a crisis need to come down here a see what’s going on. My sheriffs find 100 dead bodies a year. – Southern Arizona sheriffs
  • Democrats don’t come down to see what’s going on. It’s safe here, but there are still areas that are too dangerous to visit. – Trump

TRUMP’S ATTORNEY GENERAL: In testimony before the House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday morning –

“I personally believe that an important part in securing the southern border is to have a barrier system on the border. And I think that that will help in not only narcotics interdiction but also in suppressing human trafficking.”

National emergencies

BORDER CRISIS: Anti-American, open borders globalists on the Left have done all they can to aggravate the crisis

“Unlike the 1990s – when 90 percent of the border crossers were turned around and sent from whence they came – the new migrants are families who intentionally walk up to our border agents and get released into the U.S. after simply saying the magic word ‘asylum. So here’s the question: Why aren’t Democrats being held accountable for the border crisis or for blocking asylum reform?” – Steve Levy at Fox News

“Even the media finally admit there’s a crisis at our southern border and that Mexico is moving to address it. We should all thank President Trump for prompting Mexico to act with his threat to close the border.” – Dan Gainor at Fox News

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