The Democratic Party: Theater of the Absurd

BALTIMORE: A single Trump tweet and the actions of a Baltimore Republican got more done in one week than Cummings ever did.

President Trump shot out a tweet about how badly Cummings has failed Baltimore and the Left responds, not with, “Hey yeah, Elijah, what HAVE you done with all that money?!” but with, “Trump is a RAAACIST!

However, Trump’s tweet also set the stage for Baltimore County Republican Central Committee member Kimberly Klacik to go down to one of the rat-infested neighborhoods in Baltimore and interview the residents. Klacik, who is Africa-American herself, tweeted out her videos of the horrible conditions in Baltimore and its residents saying, “Trump is right. Cummings never does anything for us.”

Early this morning, Klacik tweeted, “A private contractor is currently at the location most of the videos were filmed with trucks & men in protective gear removing large debris. Company from Reisterstown, Maryland. Residents have yet to hear from city.

CUMMINGS: In 1999, Cummings himself said Baltimore was not only infested with rats, but also drugs [:30] – It’s not “racist” to point out the FACT that long-time black leader Elijah Cummings has failed his constituents.


urban blight

URBAN BLIGHT: Democrat leadership causes it – Our most troubled and dysfunctional cities have been electing Democratic mayors for decades. These urban failures last elected a Republican mayor in:

  • Chicago 1927;
  • Newark NJ and St. Louis 1949;
  • Philadelphia 1952;
  • Detroit 1957;
  • Baltimore and Oakland the 1960s.

Investors Business Daily editorial says, “When Democrats are in control, cities tend to go soft on crime, reward cronies with public funds, establish hostile business environments, heavily tax the most productive citizens and set up fat pensions for their union friends. Simply put, theirs is a Blue State blueprint for disaster.

TRUMP: Judge him by the content of his character [7:03] – President Trump is the first POTUS in decades to enter office with a specific agenda to help Black America. And he has acted on it with remarkable results.

TRUMP: “If President Trump is a racist, he’s bad at it.” [4:56] – I just finished watching the four episodes on disk 1 of The Apprentice, season 1. One segment that jumped out was when Omarosa Manigault was having one of her bitchy tiffs with one of the other females on her team.

She accused the other woman of something, but when the other women correctly pointed out that this was “the pot calling the kettle black,” Omarosa IMMEDIATELY played the race card! It had nothing to do with Omarosa’s skin color and everything to do with her bitchy attitude.

I recognized her name from the headlines a while back, so googled her. Her first big job was in Vice President Gore’s office. Then she did The Apprentice. Wikipedia she finished 8th, but I haven’t seen the whole season yet.

Later, she converted to Republican and worked for President Trump. But after she got driven out of office, she leaked tapes she’d secretly made while attending meetings at the White House (is that even legal?) and published a bitchy book about how awful the Trump administration was.

Not surprisingly, she had also bitched about how awful Gore’s office was. And I saw for myself what a bitch she was from day one on The Apprentice.

Later she made the rounds of other reality shows where, according to the Wikipedia article, she continued to be a bitch. I think the article also says she defected from the Republican Party. Well, good. She’s a perfect fit for the “always aggrieved, it’s all about skin color, everybody is out to get me, I’m not responsible for anything” Democrats.

BORDERS: The Democrat leadership used to agree with Trump [3:09] – “We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws.” – Presidents Clinton and Obama

grocery socialism

SOCIALISM: Government-run economies suck – My brother used to teach summer courses to college students from China. They ALWAYS wanted to see real American stores, but when he would take them to some, they’d accuse him of only showing them the government stores for tourists.

Communist countries have these. When I visited the USSR in 1972, our tour guide took us to the one in Moscow.

My brother’s students would say they wanted to see the REAL stores, the ones ordinary Americans shopped at. So he’d have the bus drive down street after street and let them randomly point at whatever place they wanted to stop and see.

They could NOT believe the abundance and variety of goods and foods we have here. He said that getting them back on the plane home was always a challenge, because they spent every nickel they had on stuff they either couldn’t find or couldn’t afford at home.


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4 responses to “The Democratic Party: Theater of the Absurd

  1. My brother’s students would say they wanted to see the REAL stores, the ones ordinary Americans shopped at.

    I really liked the “pick any store” response. ANY store. They’re all like this!

    This reveals that they knew that the government had their propaganda showplace stores, versus the miserable commoners’ stores, and recalls how, under the USSR, folks knew to read between the lines because they knew Pravda was all #FakeNews. Sometimes lies, sometimes just omissions, like, how do you know so-and-so is out of power? You don’t hear about him anymore.

    But… even the most jaded and cynical fall for most of it, because they know nothing else. Like the escaped North Korean who keeps thinking America wants to destroy NK, until he gets here, and realizes, we really don’t much care about NK one way or the other except for those suffering under that terribly tragic tyranny.

    The collectivist tyrants stay in power because of their hordes of duped followers. Per that grocery pic above: they see the variety and abundance as something bad. Bernie Sanders complaining about too many varieties of deodorant (when he probably doesn’t even use it). The Chinese guy in line in front of Milady at the post office, given a half-dozen ways to ship his package, turning to Milady and complaining about too many choices in America. Unsaid but thought, of course: “Then why don’t you go back to where they make all your choices for you, little baby!?!”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I remember hearing that there was a Russian saying, “There is no news in Pravda or truth in Novosti.”

      In Russian, pravda means truth and novosti means news.

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  3. chrissythehyphenated

    Re: Chinese postal story – I took a financial planning class that had a Chinese immigrant in it. The only time she said anything was when she said how bewildering “all the paper” is in America.

    In China, they didn’t get receipts for anything. No tax returns etc. All wages came from the government. All profits went to the government. My brother lived and worked in Beijing for a year and he said the doctors and taxi drivers made the same as everyone else. IOW, zero incentive to perform.

    Not so critical for taxis as doctors. You just couldn’t get one to come get you during their favorite t.v. shows. Doctors more critical. Bro had a tooth go bad and the dentist drilled on the wrong tooth, minus novocaine, for so long, he says he lost touch with reality from the pain. But she would not stop.

    He knew his mail was being read, so he complained about it to a letter home and voila, he was suddenly rushed in to see one of the skilled dentists the party officials got to go to. Same thing happened when they had a broken window … in the winter! Complaining to the management did zero. Complaining in a letter home, new window.

    After he came home, he heard a couple on the street was planning to do sabbatical in China. The wife was pregnant. He marched over there and told them every horror story he knew to convince them to go somewhere that had decent medical care for the birth of that precious baby.

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