Checking in with Los Feliz

Los Feliz Daycare (motto: “We do not accept immunized children”) is an ultra-progressive child care center in an unspecified affluent neighborhood on the left coast. Some recent tweets:


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2 responses to “Checking in with Los Feliz

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Placental kombucha …….. GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. LFDC’s latest hipster references are always a hoot. Imagine how much cultural familiarity you must have to get all the cultural things in just “La Croix… bird scooter… scream yoga session.” Heh. Whut??

    Now that I have grandkids in the Los Feliz age range, this all seems a lot less funny, because folks like this are all too real. Even in Oklahoma (at least in those dastardly bastions of urbanites). Will my son put his kids through this?

    I think it was “they were on the other side of existence more recently” that got to me!

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