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2020_06 26 Get cracking

NOT PEACEFUL: [1:04] – Trump’s political opponents and Slime Media talking heads have repeatedly characterized the ongoing anti-police protests near the White House as “peaceful.”

More than 60 U.S. Park Police officers have been injured by protesters who have assaulted them and thrown bricks and bottles at them.

Some of the injured have needed surgery.

2020_06 26 Heg

LOW INFORMATION PROTESTERS: BLM protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, destroyed the statue of Col. Hans Christian Heg, an immigrant from Norway who died fighting for the Union against slavery.

Way to show your support for the men who died to end slavery in this country, morons.

2020_06 26 covid

COVID-19: News you won’t hear from anti-Trump jerknalists – Some areas of the country are showing an increase in new cases, but the Centers for Disease Control has long predicted that would happen.

Now that we have flattened the curve, invented tests, and found treatments, we don’t need a lockdown, because we can deal with the disease by identifying hotspots and conducting contact tracing.

Also, the current spike in cases will not lead to a subsequent spike in deaths, because death rates are always higher at the start of an outbreak when the disease takes out the most vulnerable.

Just don’t expect anyone in the mainstream press to explain this. They’re too busy looking for ways to blame “120 million deaths” on President Donald Trump.

BIDEN: Slow Joe confuses thousands with millions [:50] – He also confuses “charity” with “graft.”

Tax returns for 2017 and 2018 show The Biden Cancer Initiative raised and spent $4.8 million. NONE of it went to any group or foundation related to cancer.

Slightly more than $3 million went to bloated salaries, compensation, and benefits for overpaid staff. Another $1.7 million went to “other expenses” related to keeping the overpaid staff entertained, including $740,000 for “conferences, conventions, and meetings.”

2020_06 26 history

SAVING OUR HISTORY: The Trump administration has told U.S. marshals to be at-the-ready and prepared to guard monuments across the nation from destruction.

2020_06 26 mlk

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Hawk Newsome, chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, said his activist organization “will burn down this system” if the country “doesn’t give us what we want.”

What are you going to replace it with, genius? Communism?

Newsome also proclaimed that “Jesus Christ is the most famous black radical revolutionary in history.”

Well, yeah, except that he refused to instigate a revolution, he wasn’t black, and most of what he taught was straight out of the Old Testament.

FACEBOOK: [19:55] Zuckerberg told Congress his company is not biased.

He lied.

2020_06 26 fake

FAKE VALUES: The Rockford (Illinois) Register Star turned down the pro-life ad above, deeming it to be “racist.”

The Left has made ANY deviation from the Black Lives Matter talking points synonymous with racism, just as they have made ANY criticism of Planned Parenthood synonymous with gynephobia.

2020_06 26 san francisco

SAN FRANCISCO: The kindest thing I can think of to say about the Democrats running this once-beautiful city is that they are either stupid or crazy.

But mostly I think they’re evil.

2020_06 26 fountain

HATE CRIME: This Holocaust memorial fountain in Santa Rosa, California, was erected in 2016 by the son of a Holocaust survivor. Vandals trashed it.

Last year, 56.9% of the 1,617 anti-religious hate crime victims were Jewish. The next most commonly targeted group were Muslims at a scant 14.6%.

2020_06 26 reality

REALITY CHECK: A Minneapolis neighborhood that vowed NOT to call cops after George Floyd’s death is now struggling with a 300-person homeless camp in their local park.

The community has been providing hot meals, medical care and counseling and asked officials not to evict them until they find permanent accommodation.

Two people in the encampment have already been taken away in ambulances after overdosing and some families are unhappy about the noise and have started to feel unsafe due to drug dealers.

2020_06 26 Sarah

CATHOLIC:I think that the first victims of the LGBT ideology are the persons who experience a homosexual orientation,” writes Sarah “They are led by its militants to reduce their whole identity to their sexual behavior.”

I beg Catholics who are tempted by homosexuality not to let themselves be shut away in this prison of LGBT ideology,” he urges.  “You are a child of God by baptism! Your place is in the Church, like all Christians. And if sometimes the spiritual combat becomes too hard, fraternal charity will support you.

2020_06 25 Bootz

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots left yesterday afternoon. I’m still exhausted! LOL

Mountain Climb was a big hit with Bunny and Bootz. Mama says Bootz “straight up” clobbered her. “I only passed on one chance to knock down one of his pegs!

2020_06 26 DOG CAT kiss

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