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2020_07 20 Intelligent Men by St Anthony the Great

2020_07 18 can't do it

MOST OF THE NEWS: Violence. Coordinated attacks on cops. Fake news. Media lies. COVID lies. Cancel culture destroys more lives. Persecution of Christians conservatives. Desecration of Catholic statues. Yada yada.

I can’t do it today. Good news and fun today only!

WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL: [2:39] – Our solutions are not political. They are personal, moral, and spiritual.

2020_07 18 buycott

GOYA BUYCOTT: Goya Foods claims to be the largest Hispanic-owned food label in the country. And during the pandemic shutdown, they donated two million pounds of food to food banks across the nation.

But oh noes, the CEO recently said Americans are “truly blessed” to have Trump as a leader while speaking at a Hispanic Prosperity Initiative at the White House.

  • The Left immediately called for a boycott.
  • The Right immediately call for a buycott.

Conservatives are winning.

Shoppers report the shelves are bare of Goya products. One guy in my FB Timeline said he usually doesn’t buy coconut water, but it was the only thing left. So he bought it.

Virginia resident Casey Harper started a GoFundMe on Saturday to buy Goya products to donate food pantries. He set the goal at $10,000. As of Monday at 3:30 pm, the total was at $316,875.

“I‘m not surprised we have raised so much because people are tired of having to walk on eggshells in political discourse. Also, Americans are fundamentally generous people so a chance to feed the hungry and stand up to cancel culture was an easy win.” – Casey Harper

LARRY ELDER: [2:20] – Don’t play the victim.

2020_07 18 Dems got nobody

TRUMP POLLS: David Catron explains why all the polls predicting Biden will win actually predict that Trump will win. It’s an interesting piece.

Take away: Recent research into voter polls and actual election results showed “Who do you think will win?” predicted election outcomes far more accurately than “Who do you plan to vote for?

2020_07 18 Biden driving left

BIDEN: Slow Joe released his $2 trillion climate change plan. One liberal outlet described it as “the Green New Deal, minus the crazy.”

We beg to differ. Among other craziness, he plans to outlaw the internal combustion engine.

Well, he’s lost the police.

Why not antagonize the auto workers, too?

2020_07 20 DOG You're awesome

TRUMP: Must Watch. LOL

2020_07 20 HORSE You okay

GRAMMY NOTES: This post was scheduled for Saturday, but I never got out of bed all week-end. Meh. I hope I perk up fast. We’ve got company coming.

Thankfully, they are camping in the back yard!

2020_07 20 CATS casket


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