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2A: Gun sales have been breaking historical records – During the past three months, nearly 12% of Democrats and almost 19% of Republicans bought a gun.

The trend was particularly strong in the 18–29 age group (more than 22%), black people (21%), union members (nearly 32%), urbanites (more than 19%), and those earning more than $200,000 (19%).

AUSTRALIA: On Tuesday, the legislature of the Australian state of Queensland passed a law requiring priests to violate the seal of confession to report known or suspected child sex abuse. Failure to do so will be punished with three years in prison.

Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory have also adopted laws forcing priests to violate the confessional seal, while New South Wales and Western Australia have upheld it.

The seal of confession is sacred. Period. Violating it is a mortal sin which incurs the penalty of “automatic excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See.”

A mortal sin constitutes a rejection of salvation and can lead to damnation if a person does not repent before death.

Automatic excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See” means absolution cannot be granted except by the Pope, the bishop of the place, or priests authorized by them.

IOW, three years in prison is peanuts.

By Canon Law, a priest may not reveal the contents of a confession either directly, by repeating the substance of what has been said, or indirectly, by some sign, suggestion, or action. A priest may not break the seal to save his own life, to protect his good name, to refute a false accusation, to save the life of another, to aid the course of justice (like reporting a crime), or to avert a public calamity.

If a priest needs guidance from a more experienced confessor to deal with a difficult case of conscience, he first must ask the permission of the penitent to discuss the matter. Even in this case, the priest must keep the identity of the person secret.

Even if the penitent himself wishes to discuss the content of a confession later, outside the confessional, the penitent must give the priest formal permission to do so.

BLACK LIVES (DON’T) MATTER: That sign had it right to begin with. While abortion harms families of every race and culture, it disproportionately harms the Black community.

Less than 13% of the U.S. population self-identifies as Black or African-American, yet their women have 36% of the abortions.

In New York City, more Black babies are aborted than are born alive annually.

CALIFORNIA: Hollywood makes the Oscars even more “woke” and even less meaningful – In order for any film to be nominated for Best Picture in the year 2024, at least one of the lead actors or significant supporting actors will have to be from an underrepresented racial or ethnic group.

DEATH OF A NATION: We watched Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation the other night. He talks about how the Chicago mobs figured out they could commit crimes legally if they just took over the government.

Barack and Michelle Obama were an integral part of the Chicago government mob. Their grotesque abuses of power while in the White House came as no surprise to anyone who was paying attention.

DEBATES: 2020 – They’re on.

DEFUND THE POLICE: This is worth watching! – CLICK [7:47] to hear Ben Shapiro interview Brandon Tatum, a Black man and former police officer, SWAT officer and instructor, talking about the Left’s claim that police are systemically racist. “They used the amount of force necessary.”

ENVIRONMENT: On Tuesday, President Trump extended the moratorium on offshore drilling near the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia.

He said his goal has been to safeguard the environment without sacrificing the economy. The left’s agenda isn’t about protecting the environment, it’s about punishing America. Instead of focusing on radical ideology, my administration is focusing on delivering real results, and that’s what we have.”

Other Trump initiatives include $100 million to fight toxic algae to safeguard coastal areas; more than $500 million to fix the Herbert Hoover Dike around the waters of Florida’s Lake Okeechobee; and increasing funding for Everglades restoration by 55%.

FLORIDA: 2020 – A recent NBC Poll shows the presidential ticket tied at Biden (48%) vs. Trump (48%).

Trump leads by four among Latino voters – Biden (46%) Trump (52%). In 2016, he lost the Latino vote bigly – Clinton (62%) vs. Trump (35%).

Biden leads by one among Senior voters – Biden (49%) vs. Trump (48%). In 2016, Trump won the Senior vote bigly – Clinton (40%) vs. Trump (57%).

GEORGIA: Voter fraud – As many as 1,000 people voted twice in the state’s primary, casting absentee ballots, then voting in person on Election Day.

Every double voter will be investigated thoroughly. A double voter knows exactly what they’re doing, diluting the votes of each and every voter that follows the law,” Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said. “Those that make the choice to game the system are breaking the law. And as secretary of state, I will not tolerate it. No one gets to vote twice. Everyone gets one vote.”

The fraud was not noticed in time to affect the totals. It is not clear if the cheaters impacted any of the races. Voter fraud is a felony.

GUN CONTROL: The people who want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens are the same people who want to defund police – CLICK [3:30] to hear a Black gun enthusiast school a highly emotional teacher with actual gun facts.

IRAQ: The United States plans to withdraw 2,200 of 5,200 troops from Iraq before the end of September.

We are continuing to expand on our partner capacity programs that enable Iraqi forces and allow us to reduce our footprint in Iraq,” said Marine General Frank McKenzie, the head of U.S. Central Command.

We kept America out of new wars and we are bringing our troops back home. We are bringing them back home from these faraway places,” said President Trump.

NEW YORK: Rochester – Following the latest protest/riots, five of the top cops in Rochester announced they were retiring.

Police Chief La’Ron Singletary said, “For the past two decades, I have served this community with honor, pride, and the highest integrity,” but that he won’t “sit idly” while outside forces try “to destroy my character.

OPERATION LEGEND: On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr said the federal initiative to drive down violent crime in major inner cities is working.

Since its launch, the crime-fighting program has led to over 2,500 arrests that led to 592 individuals being charged with federal crimes.

Federal authorities have also seized 1,024 firearms, 241 weapons, more than 17 kilograms of heroin, more than 75 kilograms of methamphetamine, more than 7 kilograms of fentanyl, more than 12 kilograms of cocaine, and about $5.19 million in drug proceeds.

OREGON: Portland – Portland PD has been frustrated by the revolving door that is the Democrat District Attorney’s office. They arrest rioters; the DA declines to prosecute and they go back out to riot some more.

The feds are stepping in. Between this week and last week, eight people have been charged with federal crimes in connection with rioting in Portland.

SERBIA-KOSOVO: In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia, a move which Serbia refused to recognize.

On September 4, 2020, the two nations signed a deal, brokered by President Trump, in which they agreed to normalize economic relations between their peoples and their governments.

The agreement reflects President Trump’s belief that trust is built by creating opportunities and futures for young people, rather than by focusing on settling old scores.

During the coming year, the U.S. will be assisting the two nations in implementing the terms of the agreement.

SPIRITUALITY OF BLACK LIVES MATTER: [6:35] – Yes, demon worshipers ARE spiritual people. They pray. They worship. They make offerings.

TRUMP TROLL: He’s the master LOL – Demcorat-run states put severe limits on the number of people allowed to gather for church or Trump rallies, while actually encouraging protesting.

TRUMP ECONOMY: “We’re currently witnessing the fastest labor market recovery from an economic crisis in history—world history,” President Trump said at a Labor Day press conference.

Business confidence and retail sales are up and even setting records. In August, we added nearly 1.4 million jobs, bringing the total to 10.6 million jobs created since May, about 50% of all jobs lost during the pandemic.

WALKAWAY: Today’s excerpt – “I didn’t like how Gavin Newsom was handling things here in California so I started attending Recall Newsom protests and found myself surrounded by Trump supporters that seemed to share a lot of the same values and ideologies as me. I realized the media was SO wrong, Trump supporters weren’t some racist, obnoxious a**holes like they portrayed them to be. They were among some of the best people I’ve ever met. They were super inclusive, kind and loving. I realized I was being lied to by mainstream media.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Dearest built a retaining wall and planting area this summer. It looks SO CLASSY … especially compared to what was there before!


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