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2020: The electoral college, how it works and why it protects our freedoms. – “While the national popular vote total tends to correlate with the outcome of the Electoral College, it sometimes does not, largely due to a few large non-politically diverse states voting so heavily for the Democratic candidate that it puts the losing candidate ahead in the national popular vote. When this happens, the losers predictably scream ‘foul’, but their complaint illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Founding Fathers did to ensure that every state and their people got a say in who became president.

2020: Biden – On Sept 18th, Slow Joe gave a speech in Duluth, Michigan. But everyone there was either Biden handlers or pre-approved reporters who were not allowed to ask questions. And he read his speech from a Teleprompter.

ABORTION: And just as we did in the days of slavery, it is we the people of the Republican Party who stand on the side of the weakest and most vulnerable.

CALIFORNIA: San Francisco – San Francisco’s restrictions on public worship remain among the strictest in the country. Until mid-September, churches were restricted to only 12 participants at outdoor services only.

Now it’s 50 people, but still only outdoors. People are allowed to pray in churches, but only one person at a time per building. Meanwhile, stores are allowed to operate at 25% capacity. The Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption holds up to 2500 people.

On Sunday, Catholics in San Francisco had had enough. They marched in Eucharistic processions across the city in protest.

For months I have pleaded with the City on your behalf, advocating for your need of the consolation of the Mass, and the consolation you derive from the practice of your faith and connection with your faith community. City Hall ignored us,” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said in his homily at an outdoor Mass following the processions Sept. 20. “It has become clear to me that they just don’t care about you.”

CATHOLIC: WOW! This is POWERFUL! [9:54] – Fr. James Altman responds to criticism of his viral video “You Cannot Be Catholic & Democrat.” He notes that his video was not divisive. “The division already existed.”

FLORIDA: Canceled for being Catholic [7:23] – After defending his Catholic beliefs in a private online chat, a 21-year-old Florida State University senior was ousted as president of the student senate.

He is now suing Florida State University’s administration and student government officials to get his job and his reputation back.

HAWAII: Approximately 400 vehicles participated in a MAGA caravan in this deep blue state.

HILLARY’S EMAILS: INTERESTING. I heard Pres Trump tell Dan Bongino that the FBI has more of Hillary’s emails than they said. I didn’t know what he was talking about. Read more at the links.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: The Department of Justice today announced it has awarded nearly $101 million, through the department’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) in funding to combat human trafficking and provide vital services to trafficking victims throughout the United States.

OCCUPY UNMASKED: Watching this documentary by Andrew Breitbart in September 2020 was a little eerie. Things he predicted have come to pass. And it seems extremely likely that the people behind Occupy are the people behind Black Lives Matter are the people behind ANTIFA are the people behind Critical Race Theory are the people behind The 1619 Project are the people who sincerely hope to be able to manipulate the incompetent Biden and eminently corruptible Harris to do to the U.S. what their comrades did to Cuba and Venezuela.

OHIO: Little Miami – Earlier, I posted about the two high school football players who were briefly suspended from their football team for carrying a “Thin Blue Line” and a “Thin Red Line” flag on to the field at the opening of the 9/11 game.

On Friday, a local non-profit group called “Holiday for Heroes” announced it is awarding the boys scholarships for their actions.

PELOSI: CLICK [:35] to hear San Fran Nan glitch out and say, “Good morning, Sunday morning,” in the middle of an interview.

PENNSYLVANIA: Philadelphia – On Saturday, members of ANTIFA attacked independent journalists James Klüg and Lisa Reynolds Barbounis in Clark Park. Video footage shows the thugs harassing Klüg, even demanding obscene sexual favors from him, and yanking Bourbounis’ hair as she attempted to escape. Klug says someone also hit him with a metal club.

CLICK [:53] to see them trash a guy’s car with him and his dog inside, then shout “Power to the people.”

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: A recording of a 911 call from Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. [2:18] – Instead of calling 911 directly, the clinic routed the call through a third party, thus delaying help.

The 911 operator asked for information about the patient, explaining “We need to get this information to the paramedics, ma’am.  They need to have the equipment ready.”

The woman calling from the clinic repeated what she’d said before. “Again, I’m calling from Planned Parenthood. We’re currently experiencing a medical emergency.  We have physicians that are with the patient and they’ll be waiting for the paramedics’ arrival.  Thank you.” Then she hung up.

RBG: All the Left has to offer these days is “burn it down” – Hysterical RBG cultists holding vigil in Washington on Saturday night warned of a “civil war” as high-profile liberals tweeted similar sentiments:

You dare try and replace her right now and there will be a war.” – Hollywood actor Russ Tamblyn

F–k no. Burn it all down.” – Parenting guide author Aaron Gouveia

If you can’t shut it down, burn it down.” – Scott Ross, a member of the Wisconsin Ethics Commission.

Burn Congress down before letting Trump try to appoint anyone to SCOTUS.” – Emmett Macfarlane, an associate professor at Canada’s University of Waterloo

If McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots, more, bigger riots.” – Washington Post freelancer Laura Bassett

The arbiters of peace, justice, and tolerance threatened death to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell if he pushes through a vote on a Trump nominee. Dozens of police had to come to his home when protesters descended on it.

SCOTUS: [4:55] – There can be little doubt that the number one reason Democrat heads are exploding this week is that replacing RBG with a constitutional conservative Trump nominee will almost certainly lead to both Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. This will not result in abortion becoming illegal throughout the United States. It will return to the individual states the right to legislate about abortion and the rights of the unborn.

SORORITY MARXISTS: David Marcus writes in the New York Post – “Don’t shed a single tear for the suffering of ‘sorority Marxists’ — they’ve earned it. These are the children of the high bourgeoisie, often women, ‘cosplaying’ the revolution until they get arrested and … they start demanding all of the protections provided by the very legal system they say is corrupt beyond repair. …

I refuse to feel bad. If these princesses really think America is so bad that they have to set things on fire, so be it. But when they get caught, they should go to the slammer and learn to enjoy it. That’s part of the whole deal. Being a revolutionary isn’t all fun outfits and crazy slogans.”

TOLERANCE: [1:52] – When a man in a pickup confronted a woman stealing Trump yard signs, she unleashes a strange stream of curse words, crass insults and threatens to call the police. When the man asks if she’s smoking drugs, she says, “I don’t have to smoke anything to be stupid.” Well, she got that one right.

A guy in our community got so sick of his Trump signs getting stolen that he painted TRUMP PENCE 2020 on a big piece of wood and erected it in the middle of his field which is surrounded by a barbed wire fence.

WALK AWAY: Today’s excerpt – “Because I support Trump and am against getting the COVID vaccine, me, my family canceled me. Me, my wife and our kids are no longer in my parents’ will. My mother threw out our wedding album and my dad, mom, brother and sister all blocked me on FB. I turned 50 a couple weeks ago: no card, no call, no more family.”

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    So far rogue judges in three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina have extended ballot harvesting for up to two weeks after Nov. 3.My heart is breaking that they will, in all likelihood, try to steal this election. I plan on doing a post, maybe two, before our country is handed over to evil.

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