COVID-19 Update

CLICK [:25] to hear the White House press secretary openly calling for people to be banned from the internet if they get booted off one social site for posting “misinformation” … by which they mean “anything that doesn’t toe the official party line that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

CLICK [3:07] to hear an actual journalist challenge Psaki about the White House spying on Americans. She was NOT happy. How DARE anyone challenge their position that “misinformation” is KILLING people.

CLICK [:20] to hear FAUXTUS claim that social media allowing us to depart from the official party line is KILLING people.

The media is calling the latest uptick of cases a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

According to a June 28, 2021 article at WebMD, an Associated Press (AP) release claimed that fewer than 1% of recent deaths in the U.S. were among fully vaccinated individuals. WebMD never linked to this alleged AP release, but did admit that AP had based its conclusion on CDC numbers. However, the CDC “does not break down rates by vaccination status.”

Wait, wut? AP concluded from non-existent data that the vaccines are just super duper effective? Oooookay. I seriously wish I could believe anything that’s coming through American sources, but I just can’t. They’ve lied to us far too many times. Plus, the big picture shows a different side to the story.

Also, there’s this report from the UK (linked below) that shows the death rate among the vaccinated to be 6.6 times higher than that among the unvaccinated.

Yet AP (that bastion of unbiased journalism and medical expertise /sarc) somehow discerned from data that does not exist the American death rate among the unvaxxed is 99% higher than among the vaxxed? ::smh::

The UK report also found that the death rates for both categories was below one percent. So where exactly is the crisis?

Meanwhile, the power hungry pols and money greedy pharma companies don’t want us talking about things like antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), something that is familiar to scientists who have attempted to create coronavirus vaccines in the past and which may very well be responsible for the higher vaxxed death rates the UK study found.

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