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AOC: During the first six months of 2021, AOC spent $1.4 million on swag to sell in her official “AOC Team Shop.” This is more than other lawmakers spent on their entire campaigns during this same period. S’funny how the elite have no problem using capitalism to advance socialism.

CATHOLIC: Let us pray that more Catholic leaders stick their necks out the way Joe Cervantes’ pastor and bishop are doing. Both his pastor and his bishop say they reached out to him privately multiple times about his vote to legalize abortion up to birth, but that he never gave them the courtesy of a response. May God have mercy on his soul. He’s gonna need it.

CHICOMS: Beijing Biden, the Manchurian President, and his court mandarins have had nothing to say in response to China’s threat to nuke Japan if the latter dares to intervene to prevent the so-called “liberation” of Taiwan.

CUBANS SPEAK OUT: Bernie Sanders, AOC, and their ilk should shut up and listen to what people who escaped have to say about socialism!

CLICK [2:20] to hear a black Cuban refugee.

CLICK [3:37] to hear the daughter of Cuban refugees.

CLICK [1:17] to hear the son of a Cuban refugee.

HYPOCRISY: CLICK [2:05] to hear had to say about the dangers of voting machines just a few years ago. It all sounds just like what we’re saying now. Imagine that!

CLICK [5:56] for an OANN report about some of the lies about voter integrity recently spewed by top Democrats.

IVERMECTIN: A recent study by the French Pasteur Institute showed that standard doses of Ivermectin can improve the clinical condition of patients infected with COVID-19. The paper was published in EMBO Molecular Medicine last week.

MATTHEW 7:15 – CLICK….html [3:25] to hear an uplifting personal story from Get Real Dan.

PROJECT VERITAS: [27:18] – The latest inside whistleblower is from a toy manufacturer. He says Hasbro is deliberately pushing CRT to their employees and through their products.

Racism isn’t inherent to any race. It is taught. When I introduced my infant daughter to our next door neighbor, the look on her tiny face was priceless. It was like, “WHAT on Earth?!” The dear neighbor, bless her heart, just laughed and said, “So I’m the first black face you’ve seen!” Well, yes. It was.

A couple years later, my little girls’ bff was the melanin-enriched daughter of another neighbor. That kid’s auntie had a very dark-skinned toddler son and did day care for a really pasty white toddler. One day, she came by with a boy on each hip. I took one look at them and burst out laughing! She got it immediately and, nodding toward the day care kid, said laughingly, “I dropped this one in the bleach!

RACISM: CLICK [3:49] to hear a wonderfully patriotic, Christian candidate for congress. She reminds me of Dr. Carol Swan.

VAX: In 2019, Olivia Sandor became paralyzed from the waist down after getting a flu shot. She eventually regained her ability to walk, but her doctors warned her that taking another vaccine could result in permanent paralysis or death. When her college of choice, Brigham Young University-Hawaii (BYU), imposed its draconian demand that all students and staff submit to the coronavirus vaccines, she applied for a medical exemption. She provided documentation proving the danger the shot poses. They told her tough nuggets. If she doesn’t get the shot, she isn’t welcome to attend BYU.

VFAUXTUS: Last month, two of VP Kamala Harris’ top travel aides resigned, and a Politico article alleging an “abusive” work environment under her watch soon followed. Apparently, VFAUXTUS’ toxic management style act dates back to her time as San Francisco district attorney. The stories include tales of dissent, emotional abuse, tears, therapy, and expensive settlements. And “it all starts at the top.”

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