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BORDER: In FAUXTUS’ first six months in office, over one million illegals flooded across our now-wide-open southern border. Detention centers can’t handle the crowding, so they are bused or flown into the interior. And they bring COVID-19 with them.

In the last week of July, more than 1,500 COVID-positive illegals were released into a single Texas town. They were told to quarantine for two days … like, yeah, they crossed the border illegally, but they’re going to obey some coronavirus rule?

Many localities have claimed they are widely contributing to the surge in COVID-19 cases. The Left says this is just a right-wing conspiracy. Everybody knows COVID only spreads at motorcycle rallies!

CATHOLIC: Religious freedom scored a win in court on Wednesday when a federal court ruled that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and Roncalli High School were within their rights to discontinue the employment contract of a guidance counselor at the Catholic school after she “married” another woman.

Lynn Starkey tried to sue both the archdiocese and the school for unconstitutionally discriminating against her because she is LGBT, but Roncalli argued that Starkey “was a minister for purposes of the First Amendment’s ministerial exception,” the court explained.

DEBT CEILING: A letter signed by 46 Republican senators said they will not vote to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling amid Democrats’ “spending spree.” Republicans claim that Democrats own the debt question because of their decision to pass a $1.9 trillion COVID bill in March and a $3.5 trillion budget resolution yesterday, both without a single Republican vote.

The four GOP senators who did not sign the debt limit letter are Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, John Kennedy, R-La., and Richard Shelby, R-Ala. But they alone won’t be enough to break a filibuster, meaning that the Senate won’t be able to raise the debt limit through regular order unless some of the 46 Republicans who signed the letter flip-flop.

END TIMES: [25:30] – Part of the biblical End Times prophecies involve the revival of animal sacrifice at the Temple in Jerusalem. The Romans destroyed the Second Temple in 70 AD. Before Jesus can return, a Third Temple has to be built. The majority of scholars have always said the Temple was built exactly where the Muslim Dome of the Rock is, and for centuries, this has prevented any attempts to rebuild.

When I learned these things, I figured God had arranged all of the above and that, when it was time, He would either clear away the Dome of the Rock or else reveal conclusively that the Jewish Temples had been built somewhere else. I think the latter has now happened.

In the video, Christian Widener presents a very simple and very coherent argument, based on biblical sources, for why both of the Temples had to have been to the north of the Dome of the Rock. In fact, the argument is so simple, it occurred to me that God must have been clouding the scholars’ minds all these years!

In his book, The Temple Revealed, Widener notes that the site itself is wide open and that political considerations are the only things blocking construction of a Third Temple. He presents a few scenarios for how that could change. I’ve been watching for this ever since I read about how, back in 1987, Orthodox Jews began actively working to prepare everything they will need to build and outfit the Third Temple as soon as God reveals the true site and makes it available.

HEALTH CARE: A deeply flawed study is being pushed by the Left because it supposedly proves we have the worst health care system in the developed world. If you care, click the links. It’s detailed, which usually is just what I love to simplify for all y’all. But today, I am just too hot and tired!

HISTORICAL NONSENSE: “’Non-binary’ is a modern western invention. You might as well speculate that he worked at an Apple store and had a Tik Tok account.” – Matt Walsh

By this logic, every gent in 18th Century Europe was a non-binary kween.” – biccyboy

Cant wait for academics to find those ancient Scots buried in kilts.” – Titus

I dare you to go back in time and call him non-binary to his face. You’ll find out what that sword was for.” – Sam Parker

HUNTER: CLICK to see the smartest guy Joe Biden knows tell a hooker how Russian drug dealers stole one of his laptops for blackmail, because his dad was going to run for president. Democrats went berserk about the Trump “pee pee” tapes that never existed; this … they don’t care.

INFLATION: On Wednesday, the Department of Labor released its consumer price index report showing consumer prices increased 5.4% over the past fiscal year. This is the highest number since 2008.

In a recent CNN interview, FAUXTUS declared that the Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar spending bills “will reduce inflation, reduce inflation, reduce inflation.” Uhhh … no.

MASKS: CLICK [2:20] to hear Matt Walsh tear into his kids’ school board. It’s priceless.

TEXAS: A Democrat state senator suffered through an entirely pointless 15-hour filibuster. Just minutes after she wearily left the floor, a voting rights bill that is favored by a majority of Texans passed 18-11. The same bill is still stalled in the House, because of the run-aways who have been in breach of their contract with their constituents for more than a month.

TRANS: The latest assault on the English language comes via The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) which recently published new language guidelines. Because “not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female”, breastfeeding will now be referred to as “chestfeeding” and nursing mothers will now be referred to as “human milk-feeding individuals.”

Joel Abbott says, “So to affirm the tiny fraction of a fraction of people suffering from a medically diagnosable mental condition where they believe they do not fit their XX or XY chromosomes, we’re going to dehumanize all women everywhere by referring to them with sterile terms that make them seem like cattle. Good job.”

Yes, basically. Just like the desires of a handful of gender-confused males totally trumps the rights of all women to dignity and privacy.

VAX: A new study out of the Mayo Clinic examined the effectiveness of the two mRNA vaccines in use in the U.S. – the Moderna and the Pfizer/BioNTech. What they found was the effectiveness dropped sharply in July, when the Delta variant became dominant. At this point, Moderna is 76% effective, while Pfizer/BioNTech is only 42%. The researchers are unclear whether the results signify a reduction in effectiveness over time, a reduced effectiveness against Delta, or a combination of both. This study has not yet been peer reviewed.

This writer is unclear what “76% effective” means. It seems like the only thing it can mean is that 24% of the people who got both jabs caught the virus afterwards. If I am thinking clearly here, the problem I see is that we can’t know what percent were never exposed to the virus after getting the jabs, can we?

VIRGINIA: [2:38] – The far left school board of wealthy Loudon County voted 7-2 to implement Policy 8040, which requires teachers to use preferred pronouns, allows “gender-expansive and transgender students” to participate in sports and other activities “in a manner consistent with the student’s gender identity“, and allows them to access to school facilities that correspond to their “consistently asserted gender identity.” In short, they told parents to pound sand.

CLICK [1:51] to hear one of the dads, an Iranian Christian immigrant, tell them off. I love the part where he says his kids’ preferred pronouns will be “King” and “Queen”, while his will be “Master.”

GRAMMY NOTES: Thursday was a Scout Project Day for our intrepid travelers. They helped a National Park Ranger intern start restoring an old campsite. There used to be camping at El Yunque* and they’d like to open it up again at some point. Mama Buzz reports, “We were able to help move this site along quite a bit! The Scouts had the option to be done around noon. They all voted to keep going and finish the one tent site. The intern was so happy with how much got done and very thankful they wanted to work with him the whole day.”

*El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the United States National Forest System and the United States Forest Service. El Yunque is pronounced ell joon kay with a very soft jay.

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