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COP26: Elitist showboating hypocrites will gather yet again. CLICK [10:37] to hear MRC’s report.

CRT: CLICK [1:33] to hear a sixth grade teacher talk to her class about Critical Race Theory … which the school has assured his parents – in writing even – is not being taught in the school.

FAUXTUS: What’s with the creepy whispering thing? CLICK [:31] for examples.

FLAUXTUS: CLICK [:14] to see the clip. This is Jesse James at Not The Bee – “Our president has no idea what the heck is going on. What would possess Biden to walk up to the mic and begin speaking while the band is playing loudly and it’s very, very clear that it’s not time for him to give a speech?

And look at Jill. Look at her quiet panic as she notices Joe taking to the microphone. Listen to the harried tone of her voice when she says “LOOK AT ME.” Watch how she extends her arm toward him as a signal to get his attention. She sounds annoyed and frustrated — and also like she’s the one in charge. And then Joe does his little half-wave and moseys on toward his next gaffe.

That is not how ANYONE would address the president of the United States under normal circumstances! Or any competent adult for that matter. She sounds like she is addressing a small, unruly child. Or someone whose mental faculties are limited. Or someone who has just been seriously injured.

Or a poor, confused elderly person.”

HAITI: Sixteen of 17 abductees are Americans, one is Canadian, and five are minors, ranging in ages from eight months to 15-years-old. The group had been helping to rebuild homes that were destroyed during the massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the island country in August.

HEARTBEAT: [7:14] – The Texas heartbeat law is saving the lives of babies already conceived and, based on stats I saw years ago, will be instrumental in reducing the number of unwanted conceptions in the future. What is unique about the law is that it allows private citizens to file lawsuits against anyone (except the mother) who commits or aids in an abortion.

IRS: Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen has reportedly back down on the plan to track all bank transactions of $600 or more.

MEDIA: Playing the victim card instead of taking responsibility. Typical Democrat.

NYC: CLICK [1:20] to hear a report on how Mayor deBlasio’s policies have unleashed a hellish crime wave on the Big Rotten Apple.

SIN SICK CULTURE: After the news report, Judge Jeanine comments at length. [6:02] – Last Wednesday, Fiston Ngoy, 35, harassed a woman, groped her and eventually raped her as fellow passengers watched through more than two dozen Philadelphia train stops. Only one person called 911 – an off-duty transportation employee – resulting in transit officers stopping the assault and arresting the perp. Surveillance footage appeared to show other passengers possibly recording the attack with their phones.

The perp is an illegal who originally came here on a student visa in 2012, but dropped out of school. He has previously been held for multiple arrests and two misdemeanor convictions, including one count of sexual abuse and for controlled substances. In 2018, an immigration judge ordered he not be deported, because the sex offence committed by him was not a “serious crime.” His latest address is a homeless shelter.

SOCKEE: This is a new low, even for her.

TALIBAN: Acting interior minister Sirajuddin Haqqani called dead bombers “heroes of Islam and the country.

TRANS: The Left keeps on proving that the patriarchy is alive and well. In their world, men can do everything better, including be women.

GRAMMY NOTES: I like to pray, “Thank you for having this all figured out. Please let me know what you need me to do next.

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