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AOC: Sandy thinks WE should pay off the rest of her student loan. She makes $175,000/year, probably pays only $200/month on the loan, and just bought herself a $50,000 Tesla. So, no.

DEMOCRATS SUCK: This is an awesome rant. [6:35] – “Under the carelessness and malevolence of Democrat leadership, where crime runs rampant and you are afraid to leave your home. Fear is what the Democrats want.

DEMOCRATS SUCK: A second awesome rant. [9:17] – There is a spate of hate crimes against these Christian symbols. Leftists think it’s amusing. I’m sure Satan is inspiring it and laughing his a** off about it.

JUDEAN DATES: [8:24] – This BBC report about the resurrection of extinct Judean date palm trees was published last summer, but I stumbled on to it right after watching two Fox News rants about the burning of Christmas trees. God is sweet. 🙂

JUDICIAL WATCH: The Delaware Supreme Court has ruled in favor of JW’s request for documents held by the University of Delaware regarding Biden’s years in the Senate and as vice president. The University of Delaware has refused to release any of the records until 2 years after Biden retires. And Biden has fought to keep them from scrutiny, possibly because they contain the records of a sexual harassment complaint by Tara Reade and possibly some material on Hunter’s business deals.

JUSSIE SMOLLETT: He’s guilty. We knew this, but now the jury has made it official.

MANDATES: Two Democrats joined all 50 Republicans in the Senate to strike down Biden’s federal vaccine mandate for private businesses. It may or may not get through the House, but even if it does, it will surely be vetoed by FAUXTUS. Unless things change dramatically, there aren’t enough votes to overturn a veto.

MEDIA: [4:33] – Democrats really do think we’re stupid.

OMICRON: CLICK [4:40] to hear Sen. Rand Paul talk about how the Dems are again ignoring the science. The WHO says Omicron is less deadly than Delta which was less deadly than Alpha.

PROJECT VERITAS: [4:35] – Alex Stovall is running as a Republican for U.S. Congress in Arizona’s District 9, but it appears he’s more grifter than patriot. Since PV published this video, Stovall switched his “Alex for Arizona” Twitter and “Alex for Congress” Instagram accounts private.

PUTIN IN NEWSMAX: CLICK [3:57] to hear NewsMax respond to Brian Williams’ Big Fat Lie about their coverage of Putin.

SCOTUS: On December 1, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, a case involving a Mississippi law prohibiting most abortions after fifteen weeks. During the pro-abortion presentation by “devout Catholic” FAUXTUS’ lawyer, Justice Thomas referenced a real case (Whitner v. South Carolina), in which a woman was convicted of criminal child neglect for using crack cocaine during pregnancy, and asked if the state had a valid interest in protecting unborn children from harm. Biden’s lawyer said yes, begging the question why a state can keep you from harming unborn children, but can’t keep you from killing them?

SHRILLARY: CLICK [1:06] if you can stand to hear her read a portion of the victory speech she wrote and never got to present.

SPY CAMS: A newly-developed camera the size of a grain of salt can take clear, full-color images—at the level of cameras that are 500,000 times larger. While I admit the technology is impressive, its likely uses make my skin crawl.

VFAUXTUS: CLICK [:55] to see a clip from Bob Dole’s memorial service in which Joe speaks to Jill, then switches places with her so he isn’t next to Kamala. Oy vey!

CLICK [:14] to see the challenge accepted and the mission accomplished!

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