Pfizer and the FDA: Criminal Conspiracy

Documents that Pfizer and the FDA tried mightily to keep hidden have been made public thanks to a FOIA lawsuit by a group called “Public Health and Medical Professionals For Transparency Documents.

These documents reveal that, in the first 90 days after their COVID vaxxx rollout, Pfizer recorded 1,223 deaths, and 158,000 adverse reactions. Three times as many women were affected than men. And the FDA knew all about it.

Pfizer labels these life-destroying events the post marketing experienceand admits the reports “are submitted voluntarily, and the magnitude of underreporting is unknown.”

The Pfizer also told the FDA that their gene treatment could cause those who caught COVID to get much sicker than they would have if they had never been jabbed.

The FDA told us the vaxxx is safe.

The Pfizer data includes reports of 28 miscarriages, but Pfizer told the FDA they had no safety information for pregnant women.

The FDA has been recommending the vaxxx for pregnant women.

Pfizer also told the FDA that they had no information about vaxxx effectiveness.

The FDA told us the vaxxx is effective.

I looked through Table 7: Adverse Events from which the screenshot above was taken. It begins on page 16 in the pdf linked twice below. Note that, at the end of a section detailing horrifying reactions, including multiple deaths, Pfizer wrote, “Conclusion: This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues. Surveillance will continue.” This statement appears at the end of every one of the sections in Table 7.

The vaxxx should be banned and the top decision makers at both Pfizer and at the FDA should be arrested and indicted on criminal charges.


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  1. A few weeks ago I commented on a suspicious obituary in our local rag — a 22-year-old who “died unexpectedly,” no cause of death listed. He was a practicing Catholic and studying to be a pharmacist. When an apparently healthy young person dies and no cause of death is listed, I used to suspect suicide, but in this case I suspected the clot shot. A few days ago I was reading the obits again and saw one for a woman who “died unexpectedly at her home due to medical complications.” I can’t help wondering if she took the Fauci Ouchie.

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  2. red

    Reposting on Neighborhood and FB. Hope it opens eyes to the greed of the dnc. Pfizer and other big med companies became huge for investment by dems before the vax began.

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