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ABORTION: Sorry for the crudity, but the push back on this angry feminazi’s tweet made me laugh on a day when I really needed a laugh.

Oh darn, you mean Republican men will be cut off from angry, frothy-mouthed harpies who hate them anyway? Shucky-darn, even.”

Undesirable, baby-killing woman makes up an explanation for why strong, employed, confident men have no interest in her.”

Please don’t deny us Republican men of an opportunity to make love to smelly, unshaven, mentally unstable, gender confused leftist women, who are suffering with daddy issues. That would be most unfair.”

BACK THE BLUE: Minneapolis is restoring its police budget to pre-defund levels. I’m guessing it’s going to take time to get the force back to the numbers and skills they had before all the 2020 stupidity.

BORDER: The mayor of Yuma, Arizona (pop. 93,000) has declared a state of emergency this week due to the soaring numbers of illegal immigrants flooding his city. This will allow Yuma to receive state and federal funding to deal with the massive problems the illegals cause.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, was in Yuma this week. He announced he was surging Arizona National Guard personnel and equipment to the area to help deal with the flood of immigrants, because “the Biden border crisis is out of control and it’s getting worse by the day.”

In other news, Florida’s Gov. DeSantis has put $8 million in his 2022–23 budget to transport illegal immigrants out of The Sunshine State. He suggested that if they sent them to “Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard or some of these places, that border would be secure the next day.”

CANCEL CULTURE: Kyle Rittenhouse has been barred from using his own name on the Electronic Arts (EA) gaming platform, because it is deemed an “Inappropriate Reference” to “Violence, Terror, and Tragic Events.” Not The Bee did some investigating and found a whole bunch of screennames that EA has not deemed inappropriate. You can click to see them. They include gems like “p3doLover”, “MaoZeDong”, and “Kill TrumpFans.”

CHRIS WALLACE: The annoyingly liberal anchor is leaving Fox News after 18 years to join CNN. Maybe he’s switching because his ratings at Fox are abysmal. One pundit wrote that he was “enough to turn many of their viewers off. If they get rid of him, it might be worth going back.”

I gotta say it’s good riddance to the man who said President Joe Biden’s inaugural address is the best he has ever heard. Plus, bwahahahaha leaving top-rated Fox for CNN! Fox News just hit its second quarter as the overall top-rated cable network, its sixth in the key demo, and its 78th as the top in cable news. Meanwhile, CNN lost 68% of its viewership in the key demo over last year.

So, have fun, Chris! Don’t let the door smack you on the way out.

COVID-19: [58:09] – Rudy Giuliani had esteemed professor of epidemiology at Yale, Dr. Harvey Risch, M.D., on his podcast to talk about the science, politics, and Big Pharma greed behind the mandates and the suppressed treatments like hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Risch says 200 million people in America have natural immunity and should be exempt from any vaxxx mandates. It’s mind boggling that the pharmaceutical industry has this much power.

GHISLAINE MAXWELL: CLICK [10:52] to hear an update on the case, which is getting very little media coverage. Victims have named high profile individuals like Bill Clinton and Great Britain’s Prince Andrew, but none of them have been called in to testify.

Just one point about Dan’s remarks … Bill Clinton didn’t “force” Monica. She was in love with him and he welcomed her attention. But based on what I’ve seen about the way Ghislaine groomed girls, the men they serviced were also treated as if their attentions were welcome.

LEGO REPLAY: CLICK to get a shipping label.

LOS ANGELES: Jamie McBride, the head of the LA Police Protective League, the union representing LAPD officers, says of the crime wave slamming the city and surrounding areas, “It is really, really out of control. I said it to people before, it’s like that movie ‘Purge,’ you know, instead of 24 hours to commit your crime, these people have 365 days days to commit whatever they want.

MISSISSIPPI: Dr. John Witcher, an independent emergency room physician working at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Yazoo City, said he was told by the hospital “not to come back” after he took several COVID-19 patients off Remdesivir and put them on ivermectin. He said he felt the changes were the right thing to do and was very surprised when he got fired over them.

NEW YUCK CITY: [4:41] – A life-long Big Apple supremacist and New York Post columnist is moving to Florida to save her kids from masks and vaxxxines. Over the last ten months, 33,000 NYC residents have fled.

OMICRON: CLICK [3:08] to hear OAN’s report. The virus is treatable and should not be feared.

The new variant has 110 confirmed cases across 29 states. The vast majority of them are in vaxxxed individuals. Some have even had booster shots. Few of these people have required hospitalization and none have died, which leads me to wonder two things.

One is if there aren’t a lot more cases in places where the testing sites don’t do gene sequencing or where patients don’t get sick enough to bother getting tested. The other is if the vaxxxed catching and recovering from this mild form will give them the benefit of robust, long-lasting, and effective natural immunity and finally get us to herd immunity.

SIN SICK CULTURE: CLICK [6:05] to hear Candace Owens obliterate the Left’s stupid pro-abort arguments.

VAXXX LIES: Television presenters and news headlines across the United Kingdom are pushing two monstrous lies. One is that 90% of the COVID patients in UK hospitals are unvaxxxed and the other is that unvaxxxed COVID patients are filling up so many ICU beds that hospitals can’t take care of other patients. Both of these statements are demonstrably false … as per the government’s own statistics.

According to the UK’s most recent reports, only 36% of COVID hospitalizations have been unvaxxxed patients, while the ICU beds have been used for COVID (21%), non-COVID (60%), and sitting empty (19%).

WINSOME SEARS: She talks about what first drew her to conservative principles and the Republican Party. [6:03]

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