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ABORTION: CLICK [2:53] to see Live Action’s awesome new video, “Abortion rights are Pro-Choice men’s rights.

AUSTIN: [4:44] – The school district in the video is in the greater Austin, TX, area, which is a lake of blue in the Texan sea of red.

BUILD BACK BROKE: Marsha Blackburn talks about the real costs of this atrocious bill. [6:38]

CANCEL CULTURE: A Saint Louis University student is being threatened by school administrators for putting up posters advertising a Matt Walsh event.

COVID-19: CLICK [3:22] to hear Tucker report on the outrageous jackboots abusing the ‘rona to stamp on human freedoms. Add on delayed child development, anxiety, depression, addiction, overdose, and suicide among the young who are not at risk from the virus. Lefties are ranting about controlling citizens … but they do not want to control the flood of illegals coming across our southern border.

FAUCI: K-von shows how, thirty years ago, Fauci was wrong in exactly the same way he is wrong now. [3:32] – N.b., Fauci is actually 81, not 85.

FAUXTUS: [7:48] – An excellent rant about the administration’s policies that have created humanitarian disasters here and around the world.

HOSPITALS: Enough health care workers are refusing the vaxxx that some of the largest and most prominent hospital systems in the United States are being forced to cancel the requirement.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: CLICK [4:11] to hear a disturbing report. FAUXTUS and his cronies have especially hot places awaiting them.

OMICRON: The AstraZeneca and Pfizer jabs don’t do much. Using blood samples from the jabbed, researchers with the University of Oxford found “a substantial fall” in neutralizing antibodies, with some people failing to have any.

RACE: A Denver elementary school’s Dean of Culture (yes, they really pay somebody to do this crap) is hosting a racially segregated “families of color playground night.

Best tweet comments: “’Division unites us’ is Orwellian nonsense” and “Are there also separate drinking fountains and bathrooms to unite us?” and “Is there a white-only playground night?

Mark Ashworth says the school website is “a hive of CRT, racial division, critical race pedagogy, BLM, etc.” Why are we not surprised?

RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS: [18:22] – Leaked WH audio says religious exemption would be the biggest problem for the vaxxx mandates.

Sadly, the freaking pope has pronounced that Catholics have no excuse for not getting vaxxed. And the cowardly Supremes have refused twice to even hear cases involving religious exemptions. Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch voted to hear the cases.

TRANS: Parents raised enough of a fuss about their Phoenix-area high school’s planned “transgender awareness” week that the school gave up on it.

TRANSPARENCY: Japan has been more open about vaxxx dangers than has been typical in other countries so far. Their instructions with the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna products include a warning that these products “contain an additive that has never been used in a vaccine before.”

Experts there have also warned that, for people in their 20s, the vaccines pose a 7 times higher risk of death than the virus itself. A warning will now go on the labels listing myocarditis as one of their serious side effects.

GRAMMY NOTES: I took a few SkillShare classes in this meditative form of fancy doodling and really enjoyed it. I discovered a whole bunch of free ones on YouTube that I am looking forward to doing. The best part has been discovering the archival black markers they recommend don’t bother my chemical sensitivities at all. And they are water-fast so I can combine them with my watercolor pencils too. 🙂

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