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BODY LANGUAGE: CLICK [4:47] to hear a body language expert analyze clips of Pelosi and Biden.

BORDER: The Constitution specifically gives to the feds the responsibility for securing our borders. FAUXTUS refuses, so Texans are going to do it themselves. They have raised over $54 million in private donations and are ready to begin building in the Rio Grande Valley, where roughly 40 percent of all illegal immigrant apprehensions occur.

CAPITALISM: “Of all the systems mankind has devised to allocate scarce resources, capitalism is – by far – the best at increasing supply in response to demand. The enforcers of every other ideology invest a great deal of effort into making people forget that simple, powerful truth.” – John Hayward

D.C.: Kevin Clinesmith, the former FBI lawyer who admitted to fabricating evidence against a former Donald Trump associate during the Trump-Russia investigation, has been restored to “good standing” status by the District of Columbia Bar. This despite being a convicted felon who has not yet finished his probation.

GOD’S FURRY ANGELS: Henry is being hailed as a hero. On the evening of December 13, he demanded his people get up and check the baby, who had stopped breathing. They rushed her to the hospital and she is doing fine now. When they posted about their hero dog, folks responded with their own furry angel stories.

Many years ago, we had a cat that slept with me in my crib. One night the cat went in and tried to get my parents up, after being thrown unceremoniously of the bed several times, he peed on my dad’s chest and ran out and back to my crib where I was, blue, and not breathing, SIDS.

We couldn’t figure out for the longest time why my service dog kept going in to my parents room several times a night sniffing my dad’s face and nudging him repeatedly. They always pushed her away and she would still circle back. She stopped as soon as he got his pacemaker.

Our family dog once saved me from swallowing a bee by pushing me over. Sweetest dog ever. Also my brother once ran away at 11 months old and she accompanied him until an adult found them. Mum still swears she gave her a look that said “can you PLEASE take care of your pups?!?

JAMES O’KEEFE: He dropped Rachel Maddow on her teeny, tiny head with this must see video. CLICK [:29].

KENNEDY: CLICK [1:08] to hear Sen. Kennedy finally get this FAUXTUS judicial nominee to answer a question.

MEDIA: The terms of the settlement are confidential. For more fun, CLICK [3:18] to hear an excellent snark about Chris Wallace’s move from Fox to CNN.

NOKO: To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Un’s father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il, North Koreans have been forbidden to “drink alcohol, laugh or engage in leisure activities.”

Also, a human rights group has reported that North Korea has executed at least seven people over the past decade for watching or distributing K-pop videos.

NEW YORK: My idiot governor used the mild Omicron variant as an excuse to reimpose universal masking, threatening $1,000 fines for violating. Local authorities in a quarter of our counties are flipping the bird at her request to jackboot local business compliance, calling it “silly,” “unnecessary,misguided” and “unrealistic” of her to expect them to be “mask police.”

PAYING ILLEGALS: FAUXTUS has reportedly backed off on the absurd plan to throw piles of cash at every illegal who was separated from family at the border.

PROJECT VERITAS: CLICK [8:23] to hear Get Real Dan about the CNN perv I reported on yesterday. The main point I wanted to bring out here is that the puke-making examples Project Veritas published were the most PG selections among the evidence they were given.

RESIST: Massive demonstrations are taking place all over world in response to authoritarian governments, but the resistance is also happening in the smallest towns, away from the spotlight. One such place is Washington, New Jersey, where every Saturday, freedom-loving citizens demonstrate against the vaccine mandate and COVID restrictions that they say are threatening the definition of what it means to be an American. CLICK [2:53] to see a LifeSiteNews report.

Also, Amtrak has joined the list of businesses forced to cancel vaxxx requirements due to resistance from employees they can’t do without.

SALT OF THE EARTH: My Bible verse last night was Matt 5:13. I was really puzzled about what being salt means and how salt can lose its flavor. I googled and found these helpful points.

Salt was so important and valuable that Roman soldiers sometimes were paid in salt. Salt is also not just a flavor enhancer, but a critical feature in preserving food. Also, most of the salt used in Israel came from the Dead Sea, which contained impurities that can cause flavor loss.

Salt is also an essential nutrient. My sodium and chloride levels are so chronically low that I have to pack table salt into gel caps to get enough. I’m up to seven caps a day; maybe next time my labs will finally be in the normal range. Weird, huh? (A whole lot about my life has been like that LOL.)

TOYS FOR TOTS: Watch this. It will make you smile all over. 🙂 [:31]

VAXXX: [1:56] – Real world data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. The maker of the video used JH’s graphs, then added a syringe to show when each country began its vaxxx program. To my unscientific eyes, it looks a lot like we were headed toward herd immunity until they began vaxxxing … and then people started dying again.

Also, repeating something I posted a while ago that bears repeating. CLICK [2:12] to hear what a Mayo Clinic trained doctor report on what the largest independent testing laboratory in Idaho is seeing.

GRAMMY: Sixteen years ago, the young lovers who would become Mama and Papa Buzz tied the knot. Please join me in thanksgiving for them and their kids and in prayer for their mental and physical health as they deal with yet another military move. I’ve known for decades that military families move every few years, but knowing it and seeing it happen up close are two very different things.

CLICK … short and funny.

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