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COVID-19: Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren are triple-vaxxed. They both have tested positive for COVID-19. And another vaxxx-only cruise ship has had an outbreak of the virus, with 44 passengers testing positive. Despite the obvious fact that the vaxxxed are catching and spreading the virus, Eric Swalwell says that banning the unvaxxxed from airline travel is “the least we could do.” Cuz “science” or something?

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:25] to see Uncle Joe get weird during a commencement address. Methinks his bad approval numbers are bothering him more than he likes to admit.

FENTANYL: Data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) shows Fentanyl overdoses were the No. 1 cause of death among 18- to 45-year-old Americans in the past year. Trump made fighting opioids a high priority; FAUXTUS has opened up the border so the dealers can flood the country with it. But yeah, Dems, let’s keep obsessing about COVID.

GERMANY: This is sick.

J6: Click the links below to read about Ray Epps, the provocateur the feds are protecting. “If Epps turns out to have been some kind of government operative, which at present is the only clean and simple explanation for his immunity, it is game over for the official “MAGA insurrection” narrative of 1/6. Epps was the day’s loudest riot recruiter, and its apparent leader of the very first breach of Capitol grounds. If Ray Epps is a Fed, the “Insurrection” becomes the “Fedsurrection” in one fell swoop.

JUDGE JEANINE: A ‘Christmas Carol’ to Nancy Pelosi [7:53].

KEY DEMOGRAPHIC: CLICK [2:48] to hear Tucker report on the rapid shift of Hispanic voters from D to R.

NYC: At least 10 peaceful protesters were arrested and charged with criminal trespass for sitting in two different restaurants in Queens, New York, while refusing to either leave or else produce vaxxx passports.

SANTA: I told my kids from birth that Santa Claus was a storybook character. I got crap for it from people who enjoy that part of their Christmas, but I never believed in him for real myself, so didn’t have whatever warm feelings parents do who perpetrate this hoax on their kids.

Plus, I just couldn’t bring myself to tell my kids bare-faced lies. And it really bothered me to think that when they found out Santa was a fake, they wouldn’t believe me that Jesus is real.

When my eldest was 4, she informed me in scathing terms that I didn’t know what I was talking about because MADDY said Santa is real. I told her, “You are going to have to make up your mind about this, but when you find out he’s not real, I want you to remember that I never lied to you.”

WEST VIRGINIA: [5:53] – Joe Manchin’s constituents told him to say no to Build Back Better, which he did. The Far Left is furious. ::giggle::

VAXXX: Earlier this week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) expressed their preference for Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (which they make money off of) over Johnson & Johnson’s jab (which they do not make money off of).

Naomi Wolf says it is not motivated by health or safety concerns, but about money, and that it is not the first time the feds have done this. Click to see the video.

GRAMMY: I drew this for the Mascots, so they could have a (very little) tree in their hotel room. I made the snowflakes with my electric eraser, which is really useful for very precise erasing … plus, just being fun to use LOL. Mama wrote, “It will be fun to see how many trees we end up with, lol! Nativities too! Our Advent calendar is a paper doll Nativity and it has a tree too! [Buzz] brought the Christmas tree from their dollhouse. I brought the little wooden Nativity. [Bootz] painted a tree and [Bunny] painted a Nativity scene (Holy Family plus angel and St. Nick!) You are sending us a beautiful tree and I still haven’t put out my Nativity painting that I brought. PLUS I brought the stuff to make Nativity peg dolls if we want! Pretty fun being creative and efficient with our decorations.


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  1. We never did the Santa thing either, since neither my husband nor I could see any reason to teach our kids to believe in anything we didn’t believe in ourselves. I’m sure our kids have been scarred for life as a result.

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  2. Children love make-believe. When it came to delivering goodies and magic… Santa and his staff are pretend. The pretending was fun. And we still are able to tell our grown offspring, we have never lied to you.

    You families’ heart-warming, beautiful creations and displays are a talent, from the real-deal, in-our-hearts and His, The Creator — of course!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      🙂 … I agree about pretending. We didn’t ban Santa. We were just clear about who the original St. Nicholas really was and how his story has changed over the centuries and in various cultures.

      I’m not a big fan of our American Santa, just from a stylistic point of view. My favorites are the Dutch Sinterklaas with his bishop’s mitre and the older ones, like you see on antique greeting cards with the fancy long robes. They were just so elegant!

      And TY for enjoying our God-given talent. It’s fun to have and share!