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CNN: “It must be very frustrating for CNN. It seems that they can’t just lie about people anymore without getting sued. Covington youth Nicholas Sandmann took them for a bundle, Kyle Rittenhouse is about to take them for another fortune and now a judge has tossed CNN’s request to dismiss a lawsuit from the family of General Flynn. Gee, if everyone CNN lies about sues them, they will soon be bankrupt.” – Steven Ahle

EDUCATION: [2:34] – A very angry Mama Grizzly tells off her school board for coaching her child into a trans identity behind her back.

FAUX-ECONOMY: According to CNN’s latest in-house poll, Biden’s economic performance is at -9 (44% approval vs. 55% disapproval). The lowest economic approval rating Jimmy Carter got was -8. If you don’t remember how poorly Carter did in his re-election bid, click the second link.

FDA: On Dec. 22, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to Pfizer’s new, early treatment pill for the ‘rona. Paxlovid is intended to help patients not get so sick that they need to be hospitalized.

Kinda like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, right? Except those are cheap, unlike Paxlovid, which costs about $529 per patient. Hydroxychloroquine costs about $30 and Ivermectin is about $45 for a similar number of pills.

The U.S. government is buying $5.29 billion worth of Paxlovid and Pfizer says it has advance purchase agreements with several other countries and has initiated bilateral outreach to approximately 100 countries around the world.

IOW, the FDA, which is entrusted with protecting us and our health from Big Pharma, is ensuring ever more profits for Pfizer, which coincidentally contributes bigly to the FDA budget.

HEROINE: Fortunately, Sydney Raley isn’t among the sit-at-homes of this country. When the 15-year-old Minnesota McDonald’s worker saw a customer in her car was choking, she yelled to her manager to call 911, then jumped through the drive-thru window. She performed the Heimlich Maneuver, saving the woman from a deadly chicken nugget.

JACKBOOTS: The University of California–Irvine School of Medicine has fired the director of its Medical Ethics Program for refusing the vaxxx. Dr. Kheriaty has sued the university for not allowing exceptions for natural immunity.

The U.S. military still hasn’t approved a single religious exemption for the vaxxx.

An increasing number of businesses and other organizations are mandating that workers, customers, or students receive a COVID-19 booster dose.

In Toronto, the Wychwood Barns Farmers Market barred an unvaccinated man from entering the premises to buy food.

Quebec has closed bars, schools, gyms, and movie theaters to all and is requiring churches to bar the unvaxxxed entirely.

Manitoba is allowing churches to permit congregations to include 25% unvaxxxed or 25 unvaxxxed people “whichever is lower.

The German government is currently debating the creation of a vaccine registry that would facilitate a mandatory vaccination policy similar to Austria’s.

MASKS: [10:04] – Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dr. Drew Pinsky about how Dr. Fauci lost his trust, how the CDC created vaccine hesitancy, the truth about mask efficacy, how woke culture is creating a climate where doctors are afraid of being cancelled for stating scientific facts. He also shares shocking data on depression in children and child anxiety that should have us all concerned.

NEW YORK: My sucky governor has declared herself a divinely inspired prophet of the One True God. I can hardly contain my excitement. – On Sunday, Dimocrat Kathy Hochul preached from a pulpit in Brooklyn that she “prayed a lot to God during this time and you know what, God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers — he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, ‘Thank you, God. Thank you.’” Then she showed off her “I’m vaxxxed” necklace and said those of us who refuse the jab “aren’t listening to God and what God wants.”

RESISTANCE: As the graph above shows, the Left’s Omicron fear porn is failing. Maybe that’s because enough of us have heard that it’s 80% less likely to cause hospitalization than the original and 70% less than the Delta.

Attorneys general (AG) from 24 states have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration challenging COVID-19 vaccine mandates for early education staff and mask mandates for young children.

On Monday, people gathered outside the New Jersey Statehouse to protest mandates. Six Republican lawmakers refused to show their COVID-19 vaccine card or test and were prevented from going to work.

On Monday, a California judge struck down a vaccine mandate for San Diego students. The decision could potentially have a far-reaching impact on school vaxxx requirements in California.

A global coalition of health and civil society organizations known as the World Council for Health (WCH) has issued a declaration calling for “an immediate stop to the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines,’” arguing that the push for mass immunization “violates basic principles of common law, constitutional law and natural justice,” as well as several international treaties.

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