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BONDI VET: [38:39] – I just wanted to share this extra special episode of a show I love.

ENTITLED WHITE LIBERALS: Tucker talks about the modern Democratic Party [28:55].

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:15] to hear Slow Joe say, “Let’s go Brandon. I agree.”

FEAR PORN: They’re just plucking scary numbers out of thin air. Favorite comment: “According to their science i died already, at least twice.” CLICK [2:05] to see how fear kills.

OMICRON: This week, CNN reported on the “first Omicron variant death” … but the County Public Health Department says the man died with the variant, not from the variant. CLICK [:47].

Also this week, UK Health Minister Gillian Keegan was forced to admit there has been only one death which was again with not from Omicron and that of the ten Omicron hospitalizations, none are on ventilators. CLICK [:45].

PROJECT VERITAS: On Friday, a New York judge ruled that The New York Times improperly obtained and published attorney-client privileged legal documents belonging to Project Veritas and ordered the Times to return all the materials and delete every mention of them from their own files, computers, cloud, and websites.

TRANS: [5;55] – USA Swimming official Cynthia Millen has resigned in protest over the participation of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in women’s competitions, saying in the resignation letter she can’t back a sport that allows “biological men to compete against women.” Millen has been involved in the sport for some 30 years.

Comment on this article at Epoch Times: “The fact that female-to-male trannies are competing with (and stealing wins from) bio men speaks volumes.

VAXXX: The USS Milwaukee (a U.S. Navy warship) has paused its deployment to South America due to a COVID-19 outbreak among its “100 percent immunized” crew. The Navy’s press release says, “A portion of those infected have exhibited mild symptoms. The vaccine continues to demonstrate effectiveness against serious illness.” The statement did not say how many of the crew were infected.

Comment on this story at Epoch Times: “An unvaccinated friend called to let me know that she had COVID. She got it at work from a ‘fully vaccinated’ person (two jabs PLUS a booster) who was the source of the outbreak. She had a very mild case. The ‘fully vaccinated’ person got VERY sick.

GRAMMY NOTES: Mama Buzz is planning to have the kids do an art project for each of the 12 days of Christmas. The first was, “Depict what the beginning of the holiday season looks like for you.” Bunny’s is the church Nativity and choir singing. Bootz says of his, “Mary and Joseph are sad, because they are cold and hungry. The yellow is the Christmas star. The orange is the evil star.” Further questioning uncovered that the “evil star” is Herod. The lower left is obviously by Mama. Apparently, Buzz wasn’t interested in art.


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  1. So that’s what Omicron feels like, huh? I get that pretty much every winter. Ho-hum.

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  2. red

    A priest in the UK asked unvaxed people to not attend Christmas services. I said, I agree! who wants to sit in a closed room filled with Typhoid Marys.

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