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PRAYER REQUEST: Our youngest has tested positive for the ‘rona. She’s in her third trimester and, blessedly, past when #2 came way too early, but not yet up to where #1 came a bit too early. Please pray for a mild case that gives her natural immunity and that God’s will be done in regards to us. Dearest spent the holiday with her and her family.

CATHOLIC: The Catholic Church claims to be the one “true” church. But this isn’t to suggest that other churches are false. “True” is meant the way a carpenter uses it. In carpentry, projects must be plumb, level and square to be successful.

  • Plumb means the vertical pieces are perfectly vertical.
  • Level means the horizontal pieces are perfectly horizontal.
  • Square means the corners are all perfect 90° angles.

When all the measurements in a project are plumb, level and square, they are “true.” In the same way, the Catholic Church claims its doctrines are “true.”

COVID-19: CLICK [5:37] to hear Dan Bongino and Gov. Ron DeSantis talk about the suppression of treatments in favor of promoting fear and government control.

CLICK [:05] to hear FAUXTUS (who campaigned on stopping the virus) tell us there is no “federal” solution; it’s up to the states.

CRT: “The fact that Nikole Hannah-Jones has been honored with a MacArthur Foundation ‘genius grant’ and a Pulitzer Prize, and has had the New York Times backing her error-riddled and fundamentally mistaken 1619 Project as a curriculum throughout the United States, tells us that we live in an intellectually degenerate moment in history. That she has been granted an endowed chair (despite no doctorate) and is heading a new center with $20 million in funding at Howard University bespeaks a collapse of standards.” – Thomas Lifson. Click the link; the rest of his article is worth reading.

KIDS: A recent study has found that lockdowns, masks, and fear have significantly impacted the intellectual, social, and psychological development and health of our kids. CLICK [1:40] to hear a report.

KWANZAA: “’Kwanzaa’, celebrated exclusively by white liberals, is a fake holiday invented in 1966 by [a] violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers. … It’s as if David Duke invented a holiday called

Anglika,’ which he based on the philosophy of ‘Mein Kampf’ — and clueless public schoolteachers began celebrating the made-up, racist holiday.” – Ann Coulter. There is more at the link.

THE VIEW: Since Meghan McCain got sick of their abuse and left the show, the liberal shrews are having trouble finding a replacement. They don’t want an actual conservative who can present logic and data, of course. They just want another pseudo-conservative willing to sit still and take their crap.

I confess to being very uncomfortable with the four-on-one format of this show and Fox’s The Five. It always feels to me like the varsity football squad scrimmaging against a middle school team.

GRAMMY NOTES: Today’s art challenge was “Paint a picture of Santa.” The top one by Bunny is “St. Nicholas feeds the hungry.” The bottom one by Bootz isn’t titled. I’d like to think it’s Santa honoring the Baby Jesus in the manger with Mary and Joseph standing by, which is what Mama tells me she’s working on. But the orange blob that I thought was Jesus is labeled “Santa’s bag.” So I don’t know! LOL

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