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FiveThirtyEight thought it would be a great idea to solicit abortion stories on Christmas. It didn’t go quite as they hoped. A few of the replies were of the “hurray, I don’t have to pay child support” or “screw you, I’m glad I aborted” genre. But most were like the sampling below.

Do you have a murder story? We want to hear from you. Fixed it.”

Wow, really? On Christmas?

Usually, they save this for Mothers’ Day.

King Herod approves this Christmas tweet.

Sure, Google Kermit Gosnell.

Yes, but it’s sort of an alternative history story where your mother aborts you and this article never happens.”

My mother was forced to have an abortion at age 15. It left lasting physical and emotional damage. Because of it, I was born over 10 weeks early and nearly didn’t survive. My brother was also nearly born that early. She was told she was unable to have more children after that.”

The doctors advised my mom to abort me as they assumed I’d have a poor life quality, I praise the Lord that she ignored them and that I am here today alive and in good health!! Abortion is wrong, it’s killing an innocent human.”

We were told our son had a fatal genetic disorder & when my wife refused to abort the doctor sneered, ‘What’re you, religious?!’ He’s a healthy 7 month old now & currently asleep on my shoulder. No genetic issues, though he was born premature and spent some time in the NICU.”

On Good Friday years ago, about 30 of us carrying large crosses walked 7 times around an abortion clinic in Dallas. A young woman inside saw us, came out weeping, & chose to keep her baby. The abortion clinic went out of business 6 months later & we held a worship service there.”

My mother wanted to abort me, she was poor and in my country it was a war going on. but procedure failed. Now i have 3 children and I am the only child taking care of her.”

I know three women that have had abortions. All three were talked into it by someone else. All three say it’s the biggest regret they have in their lives.”

Got a girl I love pregnant unexpectedly and we got an abortion and have both regretted it every single second since. Worst decision of our lives.”

When I was in high school, my mom asked me if I would like to be a big brother again? She was pregnant and I could see the joy. My father berated her and threatened her with violence until she had an abortion. It destroyed her.”

Had multiple abortions. Convinced myself they were just ‘cells’. Got older, got married, had a child. When I saw my child being born, I realized what awful, horrific choices I had made. Forgive us God, for we know not what we do.”

I feel that to my soul. I weep for my baby that was never born on earth.”

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