COVID-19 Home Treatment

Dr. Levy’s Simple, Inexpensive, and Extremely Effective H2O2 Protocol for Early Onset Treatment of Any Virus

When a runny nose or slightly sore throat is already present, it is recommended that 10- to 15-minute nebulization sessions be undertaken roughly four times daily or until a symptomatic relief is realized. Many individuals report significant improvement only a few hours after the first one or two treatments. But it would be advisable to persist in these treatments several times daily for at least 24 to 48 hours after you feel everything is completely normal in your sinuses, nose, and throat.

Regular off-the shelf 3% hydrogen peroxide can be utilized. Preparations of greater pharmacological purity can be obtained if desired. For most adults, the 3% concentration can be utilized in the nebulization chamber undiluted. This optimizes the degree and rapidity of anti-viral and anti-pathogen effect.

For some, the 3% concentration results in too much stinging/burning in the nose. Such individuals can dilute with water until they find their highest tolerable concentration. Nearly everybody can tolerate a 50/50 combination of the 3% hydrogen peroxide and water. However, still lower concentrations can be utilized with clearly beneficial effect.


As it is a completely non-toxic therapy, nebulization can be administered as often as desired. If done on a daily basis at least once, a very positive impact on bowel and gut function will often be realized as killing the chronic pathogen colonization present in most noses and throats stops the 24/7 swallowing of these pathogens and their associated toxins.

If daily prevention is not a practical option, the effectiveness of this treatment is optimized when somebody sneezes in your face or you finally get off of the plane after a trans-Atlantic flight. Don’t wait for initial symptoms. Just nebulize at your first opportunity.

Required Equipment

Nebulizers are very common and inexpensive, probably under $40, and a one-time purchase should be your only monetary outlay for the good health of your entire family. Various models are widely available on and elsewhere; just make sure they can emit very tiny bubbles in an extremely fine mist. Also, it is probably best that your nebulizer operates on standard household 120-volt AC as opposed to a battery pack that will invariably run down and constantly require recharging or replacement.

Notes from CtH: I received this in an email from a friend with a note that Dr. Levy wishes the information to be disseminated widely.

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