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CDC: The CDC published a report saying that children and teens who had recovered from COVID-19 infections are “up to” 2.5 times likelier to develop diabetes. This was reported uncritically across mainstream media as yet another reason why kids should be jabbed. Critics say the study is crap, because it compares kids who have recovered from the ‘rona with kids who never got it, while making no attempt to correlate socioeconomic status, race, or co-morbidities, all of which affect both the ‘rona and diabetes.

FAUCI: Fauci was asked in Congress about the military documents Project Veritas exposed regarding his agency having funded dangerous and illegal gain-of-function research. As per usual, he spewed about Rand Paul politicizing the issue and insisting he’s telling the truth and everyone who claims to have evidence to the contrary is just stupid. He reminds me of John.

HANNITY: [9:47} – Sean reports on the unconstitutional voting “rights” bill and how Stacey Abrams blew off FAUXTUS and “President Harris” when they came to Georgia to tout it. Dems can’t pass the bill without first abolishing the filibuster. Sean also plays clips of just a few of the many times that Democrats said the filibuster is necessary.

KYLE RITTENHOUSE: [3:32] – The charges against the guy who got Kyle’s gun have been dropped. In Wisconsin, you must be 18 to purchase a rifle, but only 16 to carry one. The rifle Kyle had was legally purchased and legally carried by WI law. It never entered Illinois. It never crossed state lines.

RED WAVE: Columbia, South Carolina, has been led by Democrat mayors for the past 30 years. But they just swore in their new Republican mayor. His opponent had received backing from both Barack Obama and Jim Clyburn.

SAME OL’ SAME OL’: I can’t deal with the news today.

TOLERANCE: [7:51] – “It’s time for the vaccinated to try to understand the motivations of the unvaccinated, and learn to live with them, too, instead of incessantly scapegoating and demonizing them. … Covid vaccines have only been around for about a year, [so] we don’t have any data on their long-term effects — but we do know about some of the risks they pose. … That risk-benefit analysis will be different for everyone, but everyone needs to do it and come to his or her own decision.” – John Daniel Davidson

TUCKER CARLSON: [7:51] – His Jan 11 opening monologue focused on the Dems’ attempt to co-opt the government. Democrat logic: You MUST show photo ID to leave your house … but not when you get to a polling place.

GRAMMY NOTES: This started out as a whimsical sketch of a dragon roasting a marshmallow with his fiery breath. Then, I saw this fun technique for blowing bubbles with watered down paint with a bit of dish detergent mixed in. When the bubbles are the right size, you lay the paper on them and they pop to make painted bubble shapes on the paper. I thought, “What fun! I’ll change my dragon so he’s blowing bubbles instead of fire! And, of course, being a dragon who does everything BIG, there will be lots and lots and lots of bubbles.” Making the bubbles was very fun … but they were blue and I’d drawn the dragon with a blue pencil so … net result, I almost lost the dragon drawing in all the bubbles. LOL

But by then, I was so enamored of my idea for this whimsical piece that I decided to figure out how to draw the colors seen through the bubbles, as well as the reflections on the outside of the bubbles. Many days and many, many hours later, I have finally finished what started out as a quick sketch to take a break from the fussy work of drawing tiger fur and ended up being a very fussy job of making my dragon/bubble mess into a coherent design. I hope it makes you laugh. ❤

P.S., I’ve taken seven photos of this, with different settings, with and without flash. The colors keep coming out less bright than they really are and places where I blended oil-based pencil on top show up as blotchy, not blended. ::sigh:: Trust me … it’s better in person!

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