On your knees, Warriors!

The White House issued a memo quibbling with Quinnipiac’s polling method, which reported Slow Joe’s lowest approval to date (33% approval vs. 53% disapproval), blaming the 33% on the high number of “I don’t knows.” Cuz people shifting from “approval” to “not sure” is such a strong sign of … oh wait.

The memo included a chart from FiveThirtyEight* showing 17 recent presidential approval polls. I’m guessing they included the chart to make the memo look all statistical and scienceful. They know darn well that their media lapdogs will not bother to deep dive into the numbers, but will just read and report the memo’s lede like the good little sheep they are. However, looking at the numbers is highly amusing.

For example, the Quinnipiac poll which shows the lowest approval was graded A-, while Zogby, which got the lowest grade B- shows the highest approval (50%). Also, on the weighted side, none of the disapprovals are below 50%. IOW, half the country definitely thinks Biden sucks, about 10% are not quite ready to admit to their voter regret, and a third think the destruction of the greatest country the world has ever seen is a good thing.

Since we’re fighting a spiritual battle here and Satan commands the third of the angels who rejected God, I’m not looking for that last third to budge. If anything, they’ll get more aggressive. And we need to as well. On your knees, warriors!

*Media Bias Fact Check ranks FiveThirtyEight left of center, but not far enough left to be Squadish. Unlike Real Clear Politics, which merely reports and averages polls, MBFC does its own left-of-center analysis of each poll, grading their methodology and adjusting results via their own left-of-center weighting system.

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