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MARCH FOR LIFE: The keynote speech by Father Mike Schmitz [8:49]. There is a 45 second, time lapse video of the entire march at the link.

REMDESIVIR: Based on a single study, the FDA has approved the use of this very expensive drug for use in some nonhospitalized COVID-19 patients deemed at high risk for hospitalization. The single study was not only run by the manufacturer of the drug, but it was also run before Omicron, which is now the dominant variant. Remdesavir is known to be toxic to the kidneys.

UNVAXXXED: A recent poll of 1,500 American adults found 31% saying they had not received even one jab. Within this unvaxxxed group –

61% said they don’t plan to ever change their unvaxxxed status

40% said they identify as Independents

36% said they identify as Republicans

14% said they identify as Democrats

43% said they voted for Trump in 2020

8% said they voted for Biden in 2020

GRAMMY NOTES: From the comments – “My youngest daughter ate the dog’s food. I asked the doctor if it could harm her and his answer was: ‘Just look at her beautiful hair!’” And “I asked the dr about my kids eating pet food. ’It wont hurt them but get the kids their own bowl!’”

In college, when I was really stressed, I’d steal one of the dog’s Milk Bones and chomp on it. Milk Bones need a lot of chewing, which helped me relax. And they don’t taste bad at all.

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