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2A: CLICK [16:30] to hear JP explain why he changed his mind about gun control.

BLM FRAUD: Black Lives Matter transferred millions to a Canadian charity run by the wife of its co-founder. The money was used to purchase a mansion that had once served as the headquarters of the Communist Party.

BORDER: [5:12] – This is what FAUXTUS calls “transparency.” Kinda reminds me of Obama.

CATHOLIC: CLICK [26:55] to hear John-Henry Westen speak with Father Peter Williams of the Diocese of Burlington (Vermont), whose opposition to getting the abortion-tainted COVID vaccine has him facing hostility from his own family and a potential suspension, resignation, or even excommunication by his bishop.

FAUXTUS: President Biden traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today for a speech touting the infrastructure law. These clips are from that speech.

Joe “Masking Is Patriotic” Biden shakes hands while mask-less @ [:25].

He blames 1/3 of America’s inflation on the cost of cars @ [:16].

He can’t remember his infrastructure czar’s name @ [:15].

He calls Democratic congressman “Senator” @ [:06].

He does that creepy whispering thing again @ [:02].

HIPPIPE LOSERS: Joni Mitchell has joined Neil Young in the “aging musicians seeking relevance” campaign to punish Spotify for carrying Joe Rogan’s podcasts. Her 1969 song “Both Sides Now” is the only song she ever did that I actually remember hearing. But I have never been much for secular music.

I don’t think I ever bothered to listen to it, so I tried just now. The lyrics are at second link below. Maybe one of y’all has a different take, but to me it sounds like somebody suffering from depression. It reminds me a lot of Ecclesiastes.


VACCINE HESITANCY: Konstantin Kisin lays out the timeline. [13:00] – The demographic he is talking to doesn’t include any of us, but it’s interesting anyway.

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