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BACK THE BLUE: A teacher and an actress have both been fired after posting nasty tweets about the recent funeral of NYPD Detective Jason Rivera who was murdered in the line of duty.

CANADA: On Friday, the provincial government of Nova Scotia issued a “Highway Blockade Ban” warning citizens that they are not to gather in support of the convoy of trucks headed to the nation’s capital. As per usual, their jackboot mandate was couched as a public safety matter. Never mind that the convoy has enjoyed massive support as it makes its way across the nation without a single incident.

On Saturday and Sunday, truckers and other Canadians staged a massive, peaceful protest in Ottawa while Prime Minister Trudeau hid in an “undisclosed location” which some suggested was probably Joe Biden’s basement.

In Saskatchewan, Premier Scott Moe admitted that vaxxx passports were just a tool to force people to get the jabs, but that they’ve done about all they can do. He also admitted that lockdowns don’t work and that the vaxxxes do nothing to prevent transmission.

COVID-19: They had a big impact on deaths due to despair and delayed medical treatments, so as far as the Death Vendors in charge of this Brave New World, it’s a win.

FAUXTUS: On his very first day in the Oval Office, President Voter Fraud rescinded a Trump mandate ensuring folks could afford insulin and Epi-Pens. This week, he pretended to be outraged at how the high cost of these life-saving medicines is robbing people of their dignity. CLICK [:38] if you haven’t eaten recently.

LIFE VICTORY: Thanks to the hard work of Brighton Residents Against Violence (BRAVE), Planned Parenthood will not be opening an abortuary in Brighton (near Rochester), NY. Over a period of seven months, 62 different individuals appeared before the Brighton Planning Board and Brighton Town Board members 127 times at scheduled town meetings to encourage them not to allow Planned Parenthood to set up shop in their town. Volunteers spent six weekends knocking on doors throughout the community to educate others. And the group filed a legal challenge concerning the lack of any meaningful review by the board on the negative effects that an abortion clinic would have on the neighborhood.

MICHIGAN: The state’s AG has thrown in the towel, conceding that Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) may not discriminate against faith-based foster care and adoption agencies that only place children in home where there is one biologically female mom and one biologically male dad.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: [2:47] – Satan has been loosed.

SCOTUS: Please note this is an ABC poll.

STEVE HILTON: [5:38] – Are they lying to try and get us into another war?

WASHED UP LOSERS: Plus, Neil Young, the guy who started this fight with Spotify, said this in a 1985 interview: “You go to a supermarket and you see a faggot behind the fuckin’ cash register, you don’t want him to handle your potatoes.”

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