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1A and 2A: [9:30] – On Tuesday, during the White House press conference, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki encouraged Big Tech platforms to censor content.

That Louisville cop I reported on earlier has been awarded a $75,000 settlement against the city that suspended him for praying outside an abortion facility.

2,000 MULES: CLICK [1:34] to see the trailer for Dinesh D’Souza’s new film about the widespread use of “mules” to stuff street-side ballot boxes with thousands of illicit votes.

AIR SPACE: CLICK [2:12] to see the images John-Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews was able to get from a helicopter flying outside recently restricted air space over Ottawa.

ARIZONA: A state bill has been passed out of committee and will move to the full House floor in the coming weeks. It proposes forcing employers to pay workers who were fired for refusing the jabs.

Gov. Ducey has renewed his ban on any government agency requiring a jab. “No person shall be required by this state, or any city, town or county to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine.

AUSTRALIA: CLICK [1:00] to hear what Western Australia’s Premier McGowan is doing to sick kids.

NEVER MIND that the vaxxxed can carry and spread the virus. NEVER MIND that the unvaxxxed could be tested before entry. And NEVER MIND that the VAXXXED compose the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 cases and deaths in New South Wales, which currently has its worst surge since the onset of the virus.

Western Australia’s Premier McGowan doesn’t care about the science. He just wants to make life “very hard” for those who refuse the jab, because POWER.

COURT: Biden’s nominee for a U.S. District Judgeship in California refused to tell Sen. Cruz whether racial discrimination is wrong. CLICK [1:33] to see her dodge the question. The way her hair is hanging in her face, she looks like she’s trying to hide from the questions.

FARMERS: CLICK [1:35] to see a group of farmers in trucks and harvesters ignore a police barricade on their way to join the protest.

FAUCI: He knew all along that COVID-19 was engineered and he got his cronies to go along with the cover-up in exchange for millions of tax dollars in research grants! CLICK [3:04] to hear the details of how The Gospel of St. Tony happened. VOTE REPUBLICAN!

FREEDOM: Polish immigrants drove 280 miles to deliver polish sausages, buns, and doughnuts to the truckers. When asked why, one said, “Because we stand behind them. We come from [a] communist country, and we came here because we didn’t want to have oppression. We wanted to live in a free country, and for the last two years we’re living like prisoners. We are being told to stay at home. We are told not to go to the restaurant, not to go to the church. I mean, this is unbelievable. During communism times we were able and free to go to the church, and there were times over here where we couldn’t. I’m going to be coming here with food weekly, bi-weekly, every two or three days, until it ends.”

GOFUNDME: In other good news, the backlash over GoFundMe blocking money raised to support some 50,000 truckers through their stoppage was finally released. I don’t know if there’s any firm count of the trucks, but my Canadian cousin went last Thursday to watch them drive by for 90 minutes, but had to give up before the end passed her, because it was so cold.

INSPIRATION: A fast-growing Facebook group called “Convoy to DC 2022” is calling upon American truckers to amass a convoy to head to Washington, DC to protest Joe Biden’s restrictive COVID measures. One of the organizers says, “America, it’s your turn. It’s your turn to step up and show what you’re made of” noting that America has a lot more trucks than Canada.

Reports are emerging of similar Freedom Convoys forming in Australia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany,

LETKIDSLEARN: The State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF) has a new ad. CLICK [:30].

Meanwhile, Loudoun County Public Schools, the same people who basically got Youngkin elected, are now flat out refusing to abide by his no mandatory mask order. CLICK [:44] to hear how jackbooty they’ve decided to be about it.

NATIONAL DEBT: Remember when Candidate Barack said Dubya’s $8 Trillion was beyond the pale?

NO TOWS: The “Truckers are Nazis” authorities have been unable to find any towing companies willing to help them move the blockade. Some said they have COVID. One told them, “We are here with our trucks at the blockade, but we are participating and are in full support of the truckers.” One said, “We don’t want to get involved.” One begged off saying their trucks were needed to service their local area. Several have said they can’t get involved, because their local communities have made it clear they support the blockade.

Officials in Ottawa are considering bringing in the military to end the “occupation” of the capital by the truckers.


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