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CANADA: [2:25] – The gummint has removed trash receptacles and barred access to public restrooms.

COVID-19: Attorneys around the country say there has been an alarming uptick in calls for help from families of patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Some of the calls are from people who have been arrested after trying to visit a loved one or trying to speak with a doctor after the hospital shut off communication.

Some are about hospitals failing to provide nutrition and fluids, staff coercing patients to agree to treatments such as ventilators and Remdesivir while refusing to allow patients the Right To Try ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, even when they’re at death’s door.

Gainesville, Florida, attorney Jeff Childers has been so alarmed by the cases he’s seen, he posted a tutorial online with tips on how to navigate the legalities surrounding hospitalization with COVID-19.

He says, “I have personally seen hospitals spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers to keep patients in their facility.”

DEMOCRATS: CLICK [:38] to see a new ad about the Dems’ mask hypocrisy.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:05] to see FLAUXTUS lead her visibly frail and confused husband off the podium. CLICK [:16] to hear his creepy-whisper promise to shut down cancer.

INDIANA: When officials at Noblesville, Indiana high school bullied a freshman to block her from starting a Students for Life club on campus, she filed a lawsuit. After months of wrangling, the school has finally agreed to allow the club. However, the lawsuit will continue since it alleges not just the school’s unfair squashing of the club, but also egregious abuse of the minor girl on the part of administrators and teachers who support abortion.

MEDIA: Fox News is the top cable network choice not just for Republicans, but also for Independents and for Democrats.

MIDTERMS: According to the latest FEC filings, Republicans have nearly twice as much money in their war chests as Democrats – $171.2 million vs. $94.1 million.

OAKDALE, CALIFORNIA: In Oakdale, California, more than 300 students showed up at four elementary schools, as well as at the junior and senior high schools with bare nekkid faces. Authorities responded by forcing at least two elementary school kids to sit outside, unsupervised, in 43-degree weather. At the high school, protesters were barricaded in an unheated gym until police arrived and turned on the heat.

After being outed for abuse, the district switched to segregating maskless kids inside each school as a group, regardless of age and without any instructors, so their bodies can be reported as “in attendance” and the district can receive state funding for “educating” them.

OCCUPY OTTAWA: CLICK [6:45] to hear Tucker blast Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his Covid tyranny and for hiding from the trucker protest.

OXFORD, CONNECTICUT: I defy you to find any science to justify what this middle school did to band members for their most recent concert.

PROJECT VERITAS: [10:50] – A whistleblower reveals more about hospitals inflating COVID numbers for profit. E.g., patients who came in for gun shot wounds, car wrecks, childbirth who happened to test positive were coded as COVID patients.

SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA: A 9-year-old with ADHD has been repeatedly abused for objecting to a face mask he says makes him feel unbearably anxious. During the fall semester, he was called “rude and disrespectful,” was refused library books, and had a teacher physically force a mask on him.

In early January, he decided he wasn’t going to wear the mask any more, period. Since then, he has been forced to sit on the playground field alone to do his schoolwork and endured taunting to “just wear your mask!” from his classmates as teachers watched and did nothing. The principal has physically blocked him from entering his classroom and his teacher has locked the door on him. He’s heard school authorities threatened to call CPS if his father didn’t take him home for refusing the mask and has been counted truant for five of those days he endured the bullying and intimidation.

He is now forbidden on campus because the principal says he is a “clear and present danger” to the health and safety of students and staff.

SOUTH DAKOTA: On Thursday, Gov. Kristi Noem signed legislation barring biological men from participating in girls’ and women’s scholastic sports. South Dakota is the tenth state to take action to protect biologically female athletes from unfair competition.

VIRGINIA: CLICK [1:19] to hear a Virginia mom’s epic rant to her school board which is ignoring the new governor’s mandate.

A group of Loudon County parents have filed a lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), for ignoring Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order allowing parents the right to choose if their children wear masks in school. Although Loudoun routinely told parents that Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam executive orders mandating masks tied their hands, they are now claiming that Youngkin’s executive order has no authority over them.

WASHINGTON: Students at Washougal High School in Washington State are protesting masks. CLICK [1:54] to hear a leader explain their rules and goals. CLICK [:48] to see them arrive at school with their bare nekkid faces.

CLICK It’s a short prayer that will also make you laugh.


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  1. In the hospitals’ defense, they were left with not much choice after state and local officials prohibited them from doing any elective surgeries or treatments, which are what keep them afloat financially, and then offered them a very generous bounty for everyone they admitted who tested positive for Covid. Doesn’t make what they did right, but it makes it understandable.

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  2. red

    Oreo milkshake? Spicy? Nope, honey. Why this tastes like the finest caster oil you ever had.

    It took her quite a while, but eventually she gagged her way thru a spoonful. Susie was 5. thanks for the laughs and teaching!

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