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CATHOLIC: Father Gabriele Amorth is the chief exorcist of Rome. Over the past 30 years, he has carried out approximately 70,000 exorcisms. Not surprisingly, ‘Jesus Christ’ is the name Fr. Amorth most often calls upon to expel demons. But he also turns to saintly men and women for their heavenly assistance. Interestingly, he said that in recent years one man – Pope John Paul II – has proved to be a particularly powerful intercessor.

I have asked the demon more than once, ‘Why are you so scared of John Paul II and I have had two different responses, both interesting. One, ‘because he disrupted my plans.’ And, I think that he is referring to the fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. The collapse of communism.”

Another response that he gave me, ‘because he pulled so many young people from my hands.’ There are so many young people who, thanks to John Paul II, were converted. Perhaps some were already Christian but not practicing, but then with John Paul II they came back to the practice. ‘He pulled so many young people out of my hands.’”

And the most powerful intercessor of all?

Of course, the Madonna is even more effective. Ah, when you invoke Mary!”

And, once I also asked Satan, ‘but why are you more scared when I invoke Our Lady than when I invoke Jesus Christ?’ He answered me, ‘Because I am more humiliated to be defeated by a human creature than being defeated by him.

Fr. Amorth has written six books which are all for sale at Amazon.

CRUZ 1, AOC 0: Out of the blue, Sandy O tweeted out a video of herself doing a little dance step and labeled “Ted Cruz could never.” Cruz responded with just two words. “Nice mask.”

DEMOCRATS: Yes, they really did this. [Kinda wondering … who is Doug?]

DURHAM: “Worse than Watergate.” [4:20] – CLICK [2:44] to hear Ric Grenell talk about Durham’s court filings alleging the Hillary campaign was paying to spy on the Trump White House. He says the internet company had to have had help from inside the Trump White House to get that kind of access.

GARY GENSLER: Gensler is Biden’s current chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Under Obama, he was chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Under Clinton, he was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Markets, then Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance. Prior to his career in the federal government, Gensler worked at Goldman Sachs, where he was a partner and co-head of finance.

And when Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign was trying to destroy Donald Trump, Gary Gensler served as her campaign’s CFO. IOW, he was the one disbursing the funds that paid for the dossier and all the other dirty tricks the Durham investigation is uncovering.

HANDBASKET TO HELL: In honor of Valentine’s Day, Slate’s advice column encourages incest using the same argument that was used for gay marriage then slippery sloped down to justify pedophilia.

MARIA BARTIROMO: CLICK the link to see the video of Maria’s awesome rant [1:40]. “I tell you, I hope Donald Trump sues them all for everything because they damaged his reputation throughout his four years in office. So much so, that he was constantly on defense, constantly explaining that there was no collusion, constantly explaining – that he had to explain why they were spying on him. All of this! Again, every American should be outraged by this! …. This is the biggest scandal we have ever seen. Now we know for sure, they tried to cheat in the 2016 election. They tried to cheat in the 2020 election behind the guise of Covid.

MIDTERMS: CLICK [:30] to see the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” ad that Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Dave McCormick debuted during the Super Bowl.

SUPER BOWL: According to Los Angeles County’s mask mandate, everybody 2 years and older was required to wear a mask at the Super Bowl, except when they were eating or drinking. To encourage compliance, all spectators were issued a KN95 mask.

Said compliance was spotty at best and non-existent among the celebrity and political elites. Chief among those who were photographed maskless were “masks are for thee, but not for me” California Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Tweeters noted the hypocrisy. “The Super Bowl definitively proved that ongoing Covid mandates are not about science, but about control.

My students all have to wear masks all day tomorrow, inside and outside of their classrooms because we are in LA County. Same place as the Super Bowl. But not a mask in sight here.

WAPO: In the Left’s Matrix Media, there is nothing but the endless present in which they are always right.

GRAMMY NOTES: Early in her first year in full time school, Mama Buzz forgot her lunch box, so the teacher bought her lunch in the cafeteria. Since it was loaded with foods that made her hyper, I got to “enjoy” her afternoon reacting to and evening detoxing from the exposure. I read the school the riot act: SHE CAN’T EAT ANYTHING SHE DOESN’T BRING FROM HOME.

When I thought one of my girls was ready for or needed it, I’d give her a new responsibility paired with a new privilege. Because they all had serious food allergies, my top priority was teaching them to be responsible about what they ate. So I gave her the responsibility of remembering her lunch pail and the privilege of keeping her reading lamp on longer than her sisters did at bed time.

Mini Mama was always testing my limits and she loved all of her most allergenic foods, so she “accidentally” forgot her lunch box again. The teacher called, requesting I bring it. I explained to her that I was sick in bed, my hubby was at work, and my kid needed to learn a serious lesson about her serious food allergies, so no. The teacher acted like I’d condemned my first grader to Auschwitz.

I told her, “Look. You can give her an apple, nothing more, and when she gets home IN THREE HOURS, she can eat her lunch.” And my kid never forgot her lunch again and I happen to think that me being a real stinker about her learning responsibility is at least part of why she is now such an AMAZING mom.

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