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CANADA:We’re not breaking the law and we’re not moving.” [1:57]

CANCELLATION: Canadian legacy media is doxing people who donated to the Freedom Convoy. WaPo is contacting them for why they would do such a thing. And Twitter is facilitating it all.

Remember when legacy and social media outlets pompously refused to report on the numerous allegations that fell out of Hunter Biden’s computer, because it was “hacked” and “personal”? Big Surprise (not). It turns out they only care about privacy when it protects The Leftist Elite.

CHARIOTS OF FREEDOM: The truckers’ business has saved this guy’s business. [4:26]

CROOKED DEMS: Only two campaigns have ever hired Neustar Information Services, the tech firm Shrillary used to spy on Trump – e.g., hers and Joe Biden’s.

In Hawaii, two Dems have been convicted for having accepted multiple bribes in exchange for using their positions in the state government to benefit a Hawaiian businessperson.

DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE, EQUITY: CLICK [2:59] to hear how the Left uses these words vs. what these words actually mean.

KIMMEL: CLICK [:16] (or don’t) to hear Jimmy Kimmel call the Durham story a “made up Hillary Clinton spying case” that Fox News is feeding to its viewers with “soft, oatmeal-like brains.

MIDTERMS: We must ignore everything campaigning Dems say hoping it will get them elected. We must never, ever forget what they have actually done. [9:16] – Thirty House Dems have now announced they’re not running for re-election. IOW, they’re all looking at the “Dems are gonna lose” polls and saying, “Why bother running?” Esp given the golden parachutes they voted to put into their retirement packages. (In what other business do the people earning the money get to decide how much they’ll get without any input from the people paying the bills?!)

PALIN vs. NYT: The jury returned a unanimous verdict in the Time’s favor BUT it stinks of week old fish. Before they finished deliberating, the judge announced that he was going to dismiss Palin’s case regardless of what the jury decided. And the jury now says they were informed of his decision before they voted.

POLLING: Democrats haven’t got any real values apart from a lust for power and money. During campaign seasons, they say whatever their focus groups tell them to say. Once in power, they revert to type … a type which is eloquently displayed here in both word and tone @ [:33].

We experienced this kind of “keep your nose out” attitude in our local public elementary school, so switched the kids to a wonderful Catholic school where we got used to being part of the team. When our eldest graduated, we sent her to a Catholic middle school where we were again told to butt out. Yeah, no. NOT going to put up with that WHILE PAYING TUITION. At that point, the local public junior/senior high was the better choice for our kids. I’m not sure it still would be, but thankfully, we’re not parenting school-aged kids any more. Even more thankfully, three of our grands are in a wonderful private school while the other five are being home schooled … and number NINE is due very soon!

PROJECT VERITAS: CLICK the link to read about and see the undercover video exposing how Big Pharma buys FDA approval to make money on their products. They want to force annual ‘rona vaxxxes on everyone because “it’ll be recurring fountain of revenue.”

SATANCON: Catholic demonstrators prayed, read from the Bible, and held signs, banners, rosaries, crosses, and images of the Virgin Mary outside the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona over the weekend. Inside, the Satanic Temple held an event called “SatanCon,” which included presentations celebrating abortion and instructing attendees on how to raise Satanic children.

SCIENCE: Not to mention the leeches. We must remember that science is objective while scientists can be threatened or bribed to advance a political agenda.

STEM CELLS: A U.S. patient who received a stem cell transplant for leukemia was also cured of HIV because the donor had natural immunity to the virus. In the two other cases, the virus was cured after the patients received adult stem cells.

TWITTER: Defiant L had 350K followers for his account that featured screen shots of other people’s tweets. Above is one example. Twitter has canceled him.

GRAMMY NOTES: One morning when I was sleeping in, my smoke alarm starting blatting at irregular intervals. It wasn’t on, like it had been triggered. And it wasn’t chirping, like the battery was low. It would beep, then beeeeeeeep, then beepbeepbeep. It kept happening until, finally, I gave up on my sleep in. Then, of course, it stopped! LOL

But as I was walking to the kitchen, I noticed a cold breeze and, turning the corner, saw the front door standing open and our beloved greyhound standing in the middle of the street! I went to the door and did my best squeaky ‘LET’S PLAY’ voice and she promptly came lolloping in to get a treat.

Later, I got on a step stool to take a look at the smoke alarm and was astonished to find it had no battery in it. When my husband came home, I showed him the bare wires and he said, “It kept going off when I took a shower, so I took the battery out.”


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